A Gallery Of Movie And Killer General Knowledge

Learning things is fun and satisfying. Combing the internet and watching the news is neither one of those things, and won't be, for the foreseeable future. But we're here for you. We've put on our hazmat suits and dug up a dozen pieces of interesting news that definitely won't plunge you into the depths of despair.

Such as:


Rock Band: The Beatles was produced under a code name to deflect curiosity about it. ROCKBAND The code name: Rock Band: Nickelback NOW YOU KNOW Source: The New York Times


Derrick Nnadi vowed to pay the $150 adoption fee for every dog at a shelter if the Chiefs won the Super Bowl... and they did, he paid, & all 109 dogs Source: CNN


A full moon rarely occurs on October 31st. But naturally, one is happening on Halloween night, 2020. NOW YOU KNOW Source: Almanac.com


Five Lithuanian soldiers thought a recon training exercise was ongoing and... were declared missing they evaded all efforts to locate them, including Source: LRT


Fans ceased throwing mud on the stage during Woodstock '94 after... Primus singer Les Claypool announced, when you throw things on stage, it's a signSource: Billboard Magazine


The popular board game Candyland was created to cheer up children in polio wards as it... PEUWVAERET 170 miles START YEARTS CANDY LOVE offered the illSource: The Atlantic


During WWll, Canada gave out buttons to those who were willing to fight but could not for medical reasons... to show that they tried to enlist. NOW YOSource: Veterans Affairs Canada


Opossums can survive up to 80 rattlesnake & coral snake bites thanks to them... there's an inexpensive new antidote to many snake venoms. NOW YOU KNOWSource: ACS


In 1986, there were 70, ,000 nuclear weapons in the world. Today, that number is around 000. NOW YOU KNOW Source: BBC


A U.K. man grew tired of cold callers, SO he made his line a premium rate number... and then made money off the callers by keeping them on the line. NSource: BBC


Scientists in China have grown tooth enamel... which opens the door to replacing crowns & fillings. NOW YOU KNOW Source: The Telegraph


During Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michael Keaton would whisper... I'm Batman, to Tom Holland when filming fight scenes. NOW YOU KNOW Source: ComicBookMovie.com