Weird But Cool Animal Superpowers

From body control to invisibility, these animal powers seem straight out of a comic book. Read more about these weird creatures and their amazing superpowers below.


AN ELECTRIC EEL USES ELECTRICITY TO REMOTE CONTROL ITS PREY'S BODY. An eel can get a nearby fish to reveal its location by twitching and then paralyzeSource: Science


THE PISTOL SHRIMP USES ITS CLAW LIKE A STUN GUN. The shrimp snaps its claws together so fast that it creates a jet of bubbles to stun its prety, withoSource: BBC


THE COMB JELLY IS INVISISBLE TO ITS PREY. The comb jelly is slow, blind, and brainless but manages to eat ten times its body weight a day by slurpingSource: Smithsonian


NAKED MOLE-RATS CAN GO MORE THAN 18 MINUTES WITHOUT OXYGEN. This is because they can switch their metabolism from using fructose instead of glucose. CSource: Science


COCKROACHES NEED LESS THAN ONE PHOTON PER SECOND TO SEE. For comparision, humans need at least 100 to see anything. CRACKED.COM Source: BBC


ELEPHANTS RARELY GET CANCER BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN EXTRA CANCER-FIGHTING GENE. The gene prevents cancer cells from multiplying then kills them. CRACKED.Source: BBC