8 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Seinfeld'

Although Seinfeld has been off the air for over two decades, it's hard to escape its influence. From Festivus to "No soup for you!" it's a staple of pop culture.

Read more for an inside peek to what it was like behind the scenes of this iconic sitcom.


George Costanza's fiance Susan was killed off because the cast didn't like working with the actress. Jason Alexander said her comedic sensibilities diSource: Emmy TV Legends


The theme song was different every episode. Jonathan Wolff re-recorded the song to match Seinfeld's monologue. And that slap bass was actually a synthSource: Vice


Elaine's dad was supposed to be a reoccurring character, but the actor scared the cast. Julia Louis-Dreyfus called Lawrence Tierney a total nutjob. Source: DVD Extras


Broadway-trained singer Jason Alexander spent about three hours recording George Costanzas' answering machine jingle, trying to get it to sound bad. CSource: The Crimson


Jerry Seinfeld kept many things from the set. From his character's apartment, he has the couch, blue stools, table, chairs, and the door... complete wSource: Esquire


The actor who played The Soup Nazi was nominated for an Emmy, after he paid the $100 application fee himself. He was still working as a bail bondsman.Source: Hollywood Reporter


Seinfeld was never pitched as a show about nothing. It was pitched as a show about how a comedian gets his material. CRACKED.COM Source: Reddit AMA


TBS speeds up reruns OF Seinfeld by 5% to fit in two more minutes Of ad time. CRACKED.COM Source: The Tech Times