Has Anybody Seen Mickey Rourke?

Mickey Rourke seemed poised for a comeback around the late 2000's: First Sin City, then his face-mutilating performance in The Wrestler; even his bit part in The Expendables got rave reviews. But it feels like no one's seen him in close to a decade.

We wanted to know just what the hell Rourke has been up to. So we dug into his Wikipedia page, which only left us with more questions:


Mickey Rourke has ping-ponged between acting and boxing his whole career: Amateur boxing [ edit J Early acting roles [ edit J nct: MCMS 1990s: Return Wikipedia


But the trail goes cold after 2013: 2010 -present [ edit In 2011, Rourke was cast in the film Java Heat as an American citizen shadowing terrorist gro


I'll tell you right now: we never find out. We can only move on to Personal Life, but be warned... that only raises more questions. 3 Personal life 3.


In addition to his faith, Rourke has publicly attributed his comeback to his dogs. Rourke gave his dogs credit during his Golden Globe Best Actor acce


Beau Jack Beau Jack sired two of Rourke's later pets, Loki and her littermate Chocolate. [69] Beau Jack died in 2002, although Rourke reportedly gave


Loki not purebred. Loki, his most-publicized dog whom he described as the love of my life [63] was a chihuahua-terrier mix. [65][66] So reliant was


Chocolate His friend Bonnie Timmermann fostered Chocolate while Rourke was in a deep depression. Chocolate was the subject of a children's book, ChocoInternet Archive


If you were looking for closure, you've come to wrong place. We still have no clue what Mickey Rourke has been up to the past 7 years. All we have areChocolate at the Four Seasons