The Most Egregious Hidden Genitals In Animation History

Everyone knows Pixar loves to throw in a raunchy little joke to keep parents awake in the theater. But we're talking about the more devious instances of a disgruntled, or perhaps horny artist hiding something wildly inappropriate. A brief frame of bare boob... a clandestine crotch... a graffiti wiener in a sea of wholesome content.

Here are some phallic, yonic, and mammary easter eggs that were expertly (and sometimes illegally) sneaked past the censors:


Feivel Goes West It looks fake, but an animator actually added this sloppy weiner doodle to a single frame of Tanya Mousekewitz's big solo. Source


Maya The Bee CRAGKEDCOM In 2017, a clandestine dong was noticed in the background of a scene in this Netflix kids show. Source


The Little Mermaid's wedding boner CRACKEDCON Disney says the minister's sinister stiffy is really just his knee, but they still removed it in later rSource


The Hunchback of Notre Dame When Esmerelda is dancing in the fire, there's a brief sequence where her clothes disintegrate and expose her detailed eroSource


Who Framed Roger Rabbit? You may already know that you can see a hint of a crotch in this Jessica Rabbit scene. WCETTNT ANS atbt BOOP! CRACKEDCON But Source


FANTASLA CRACKED COM During Night on Bald Mountain, two sets of demonic neon nipples briefly consume the screen. Source


Hercules CRACKEDCO The centaur Nessus gets a classic bump on the noggin that, paired with his bulging brows, looks like a pretty deliberate schlong. Source


The Rescuers Animators snuck a photograph of a topless lady into 2 frames of this quick-moving background. Source


The Little Mermaid's phallic castle DEBUNKED! Snopes interviewed the artist, who swears this one was 100% accidental. It was a rushed, last-minute comSource