12 Apex Facts To Get You In The Know

There's a lot going on right now, and it's exhausting trying to keep up. It's tempting to just unplug. But your brain craves interesting facts, or it gets fidgety. So we've done the work of tracking down some fascinating truth nuggets you can insert directly into your brain to keep it happy.

Facts like ...


Ed Sullivan took heat for kissing Pearl Bailey on the cheek & shaking Nat King Cole's hand. He also had a Ford executive thrown out of the theater forKnow More


Sesame Street has been funded by HBO since 2015. Without the commitment, the show would not have a sustainable funding model. NOW YOU KNOW Know More


Maze was the first St-person shooter. It was created in 1973. DARPA banned it from ARPANET because half of all network activity for a month was betweeKnow More


Soviet cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev was in space & unable to return when the USSR collapsed. The army almost issued a desertion warrant for him until theKnow More


Anecdotally, people tend to find fewer dead bugs on their windshield today than in the past. This is called 'The Windshield Phenomenon' & is attributeKnow More


In 1916, femur fractures had an 80% fatality rate for soldiers. But by 1917, the introduction of the Thomas Splint flipped the script -survival rates Know More


In 1901, Dr. Roswell Park was interrupted in the middle of surgery. It is claimed he said he could not leave even if it were for the President of theKnow More


Salvador Dali's mustache was intact when his body was exhumed 28 yearS after death. The mustache also remained in its classic ten past ten' positionKnow More


There is an inverse correlation between the cost of a wedding & length of the marriage. The more money you spend on the wedding, the more likely you aKnow More


In 2009, Actor Dean Winters was dead for two and a half minutes. He was revived in an ambulance & eventually recovered from an acute bacterial infectiKnow More


Lyme disease is less prevalent on U.S. west coast, in part because of the Western Fence Lizard. The lizard carries a protein that cures the disease inKnow More


Ozzy Osbourne had his genome sequenced to better understand how he's even still alive. According to the lead researcher, he's the first prince of darKnow More