6 Animals That Are More Accomplished Than Most Of Us

Feel like you haven't done much with your life? Here are some fun facts that will make you feel worse! Here are animals who have made a considerable impact in the world...all without the advantage of being the dominant species!

Read about impressive animal achievements below.


A CAT CO-AUTHORED AN INFLUENTIAL PHYSICS PAPER. In 1975, a professor of physics wrote an academic paper on atomic behavior at varying temperatures. HeSource: Atlas Obscura


TWO MONKEYS WERE THE FIRST ASTRONAUTS TO RETURN FROM SPACE ALIVE. The first living beings, aside from fruit flies, to return to earth successfully werSource: NPR


A DOG STARTED AN INTERNATIONAL CRISIS. Arguably The War of the Stray Dog started when a Greek solider chased his dog into Bulgarian territory in 192Read More: 5 International Incidents Caused By Animals


GUINEFORT THE GREYHOUND IS CONSIDERED A SAINT. IFT 1 .. N Na A A knight left his infant with his dog Guinefort. Upon returning, he found the dog bloodRead More: 7 Dogs That Accomplished More Than We Ever Will


THE THAI ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA HAS RECORDED THREE ALBUMS. In a conservation in Thailand, elephants have been trained to play percussion. They use their tSource: NPR


BAMSE THE ST. BERNARD WAS BURIED WITH FULL MILITARY HONORS. ORSKA MARLLAL During World War I, Bamse was stationed on a Norwegian Navy ship. He rescuedSource: BBC