6 Disgusting Facts You Didn't Need To Know, Sorry

The natural world can be truly horrifying. Here are your six disgusting facts of the day, in case you were sleeping too soundly at night.


THE TURKEY VULTURE CAN PROJECT ITS VOMIT UP TO 10 FEET IN SELF-DEFENSE. They also poop on their own feet to cool down. CRACKED.COM Source: Washington NatureMapping Program


MOSQUITO SPERM IS CAPABLE OF SMELL. After mating, female mosquitos store sperm until the setting is right for fertilization, when it's initiated by thThe Smithsonian Magazine


YOUR HIGH-END PERFUME PROBABLY CONTAINS WHALE VOMIT. Ambergris (called whale vomit, but scientists aren't sure which end it comes out) is made by maSource: The Smithsonian Magazine


THERE ARE MORE THAN A DOZEN SPECIES OF F GLOW-IN-THE-DARK ROACHES. This roach (L. luckae) uses luminescence to look like a toxic click beetle. CRACKEDSource: SUNY College


HUMAN URINE IS A GREAT FERTILIZER FOR TOMATOES. A study found that urine is just as, if not more, effective than conventional fertilizer. CRACKED.COM Popular Science


THE AMERICAN COCKROACH CAN RUN UP TO 4X FASTER THAN A CHEETAH. And they can do it upside down, without a head. CRACKED.COM Source: The Smithsonian Magazine