19 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much)

It's easy to pick out products that are obviously just snake oil in disguise. But it turns out that all of us are buying worthless products without even realizing it.

Our readers have put together some of the worst offenders in an attempt to keep some money in your wallet. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Juan69

19 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much)

Entry by Scott Laffey

Keeping those pesky mosquitoes away with malodorous citronella candles? Feel free to swap them out for some nice, fragrant Yankee Candles. You'll get

Entry by jemnoscity

TESTLD Fresh Sce nt Nothing like icAtly a little douche action summer's to feel fresh, right? Eve summer Wrong! CLINICAIL TISTED Summer's Not only are


19 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much)


CRACKED.CON Unleaded Super Unleaded Plus Unleaded Expensive, high-octane premium gasoline is absolutely necessary to keep your car running 87 properly

Entry by mkad

DNLENE-CHECK- Hertz auck casy Conve Very good sir, and I assume you'll want to add rental insurance for the car? What? No. I own a car back home. I

Entry by faustus37

Since the 1980s, food companies have marketed low fat versions of popular processed food products to the health- still conscious demographic. Less 4

Entry by moodie820

Each 12 fl OZ serving of Gatorade Thirst Quencher contains a whopping 160mg of sodium and 21g of sugar -both of which are known for inducing thirst. N

Entry by tesla777

ON POWERDE his G SERIES fThargt OENOSR OREOMA Sports drinks contain lots of sugar and carbohydrates. A 20 0z. bottle of Gatorade has around 130 calori


RAGKEDOON THESE DOW'T WORK! VigRX for VigRN Mens NaNaILMY Dus ESANvTE VIMAX VIMAX prosolution Unless you wanted potential scarring, disfigurement and

Entry by Trigaba

CRACKEDOON Paper srocery bas PrOdUCtION consumes mere mater and eneray and PrOdes mere POution tan Production of Plastis EROERY bass. Good job enviren

Entry by kelleykf

Taking Airborne 3x10 Zesty X count tubes Orango at the first sign TRUPLF PACK Arttcialy Flavore 30 TAALFT'S of EFFERVESCENT a cold? TABLETS Airborne A

Entry by magillfoote

Bicycle helmets are supposed to E help you stay safe while you're on your Bike, buta Drivers will drive closer to you if you are wearing a helmet, inc

Entry by gicusudoru

CRACREDOON Tests confirm that PC cleaning apps bring little to zero benefit. SNAKE OIL Both Windows and Mac OS come with the proper tools built in. Ju

Entry by WalleyedPike

The American Medical Association called colonic cleansing medically unnecessary in 1919. 95 years on has seen the spa and detox-supplementi industri

Entry by Paika

DID YOU KNOW CRACKEDCON * There is absolutely no correlation between sweating and fat loss? *Dehydration is bad for you? * Sweatpants already exist? N

Entry by kelleykf

19 Products In Wide Use (That Don't Do Much)


Maybe your area has a law about hands free phone use while driving. Because one of these Can help reduce your chances of one of these .Except studies

Entry by Marconi Rebus

Heat up the Holidays with SHAKE Strong, Toned, Ripped Arms & Chest WEIGHT In Just 6 Minutes A Day Get Defined and Stronger Faster Only We'll include t