Lottery Winners Who Wish They Wouldn't Have

Many of us dream of hitting the jackpot, but some dreams are better left as stories to bore your coworkers. Here are six people whose lives took a dark turn after winning big.


TONDA DICKERSON WON $10 MILLION A man tipped his Waffle House waitress with a lottery ticket, which ended up winning $10 million. The woman's coworkerSource


UROOJI KHAN WON $1 MILLION Khan was found dead a day after cashing his scratch-off ticket for for $1 million. Cyanide was found in his blood stream, bSource


IBI RONCAIOLI WON $5 MILLION lill IAIT 0o 3 IIOILL Roncaioli won $5 million in 1991. She spent most of the money before she and her husband retired, gSource


BAZIL THORNE WON f100 THOUSAND IN 1960 Thorne won the Australian lottery in 1960. His picture was plastered all over newspapers. His eight-year-old soSource


WILLIAM BUD POST WON $16.2 MILLION Post had $2.46 in his bank account when he won $16.2 million in the lottery, but he would say, I was much happier Source


BILLIE BOB HARRELL WON $31 MILLION After winning $31 million, Harrell was generous with his money. He bought houses for several family members and donSource