Now You Know: Pizza-Hustling Dead-Drunk In His Underwear Boris Yeltsin & Other Wild Facts

We're constantly running into facts that make us stop and think, "well that's weird." So weird, in fact, that they're too good not to share. Here's a collection of strange, true things we learned this week.


Sean Bean was afraid to fly in helicopters while filming LOTR. The cast and crew watched him climb cliffs in full costume to avoid flying. NOW YOU KNOKnow More


Night vision goggles could soon be a thing of the past. Researchers injected nanoparticles into mice that gave them night vision for 10 weeks. NOW YOUKnow More


Johnny Knoxville turned down a spot on Saturday Night Live. HHO He did it because he wanted to continue working with his friends and have full controlKnow More


The Disgrace of Gijon was a terrible football (soccer) match. The German commentator refused to continue, the Austrian urged viewers to change the chaKnow More


Babylonians used base 60 mathematics instead of base 10. TT 13 KYS 34 KYYS 24 45 14 K 35 KO 25 W 46 15 KK  P 36 K 2 26 4 Y 16 H 37 K 27 4 17 38 28 ThaKnow More


Christopher Lee read the LOTR books every year. He was the only film cast member to have met Tolkien himself. NOW YOU KNOW Know More


Forcing is a method of growing rhubarb in the dark. It grows SO quickly you can hear it. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM Know More


A quiet U.S. POW was nicknamed The Incredibly Stupid One by his Vietnamese captors. He provided 200 POWs' names upon release memorized to 'Old MacdoKnow More


Toronto hides city power transformers in fake houses. There are currently 90 hiding in plain sight. NOW YOU KNOW Know More


In The Dark Knight, the nametag on Joker's nurse uniform reads 'Matilda.' ENCY 1 DENT It was a tribute to Heath Ledger's two-year-old daughter. NOW YOKnow More


A Dutch company is attempting to train crows to pick up cigarette butts. They deposit them in a receptacle and receive a peanut for a reward. NOW YOU Know More


In 1994, Russian President Boris Yeltsin was found dead drunk in his underwear on a Washington, DC street. He would not return to his hotel without a Know More