Tell Us Now: The Dumbest Things About Smartphones

We all love our devices, right? Our own little slice of connectedness, right in our purse or pocket? You'd think all of us would be super happy with them, all the time. But the problem is, there are still a bunch of dumb issues with smartphones, and it makes no sense that any of these problems still exist after all this time.

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us about the most annoying problems with their phones. Here's what they told us:


TELL US NOW. ivionaay Jill D. doesn't get why webpages are SO crappy on phones. I'll be in the middle of reading an article and an ad will pop up andJill D.


TELL US NOW. We shouldn't have to leave the phone on for an Safari alarm to work. Game Center 3 4 7 5 I can't set an alarm, then turn off my phone coCait D.


TELL US NOW. Why do we have to invest in protective cases? They know they will get wet/dropped/abused. And yet they continue to make them so fragile Autumn D., Mateo W.


TELL US NOW. William L. needs a much, much larger search bar. Search When you hit a search function, the search bar is so damn tiny and you have to tWilliam L.


TELL US NOW. Why hasn't autocorrect sorted itself out yet? R D F My phone constantly tries to autocorrect words that weren't spelled wrong. It's alwaSteve M., Mandy C., Saffron M.


TELL US NOW. Fingerprint IVIOV reading doesn't work on Satar Heather D. Game Center [My phonel never recognizes my fingerprint. It's not how it is inHeather D.


TELL US NOW. Can we drop the phone-based tribalism? Safari Calendar Contacts Game Center C O The fact that I have made the decision to own a particulKevin L.


TELL US NOW. Get your volume controls sorted out, Android. 10/15 Notifications 6/7 Media 5 Alarm There's nothing intuitive about the volume controls.Gareth K.


TELL US NOW. Susana R. is tired of her GPS thinking Safari she's endar an idiot. 1032 19 43 0 Dnor The GPS thinks I don't know how to get through my Susana R.


TELL US NOW. Jon R. could use some freaking Safari Calendar ontacts peace and quiet. Center But, you know, he still needs his phone to be a phone. I Jon R.


TELL US NOW. IVIOuay Stephanie M. says enough with the Safari giant phones. Game Center They keep getting bigger. I understand some people watch moviStephanie M.


TELL US NOW. IviOrUAY Let us delete the apps we don't want calendar or need. Cohtacts Game Center Gietda Mapy Kalendarz Wallet Zegar Zdiecia Store NotRoger K.


TELL US NOW. Cody M. says it's stupid that he can't swipe away Safari from YouTube. Game Center The fact that I can't swipe out of YouTube while a viCody M.


TELL US NOW. IviOrruay Kathryn D. has a bone to pick Safari ame Center with Siri. Siri does not recognize my voice can shout Hey Siri 16 times and Kathryn D.


TELL US NOW. ivionaay One word: NOTIFICATIONS. For. Everything. Sure, I want some notifications for some of my apps... but the sheer volume of notifiAdam N.