The Raunchy Bill Watterson Artwork You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Calvin and Hobbes' Bill Watterson and Bloom County's Berkeley Breathed have a decades-long friendly feud. Where Watterson is principled and reclusive, Breathed doesn't mind merchandising his creations, and can't say no to a good convention appearance.

In a 2010 Comic-Con panel, Breathed showed off some original Watterson artwork that had never before seen the light of day - because they were private missives roasting Breathed into oblivion.

This is what happens when 90's-era comic artists stop being polite... and start getting real:


Bill Watterson and Berkeley Breathed have a long history of roasting each other via comic. VS Things got... surprisingly blue. Here's some Bill WatterSource


A portrait of the artist ogling Daisy Mae. LY MY' Watterson was appalled that Breathed didn't grow up reading the Sunday funnies, so he drew this some


The Family circus dad killed Opus the Penguin and mounted his ass on the wall. 'Cause Daddy stuck a bazooka in its face and blew it clean off. CRACKED


Bill the Cat horking up a steamy pile next to a traumatized Linus. This is real holiday entertainment. Breathed says this was his response to my Chri


President Reagan's bare ass. C That's quite a coincidence, Berke... Breathed once took an unexpected phone call from Reagan, and famously told the Pre


Calvin making a personal plea for Breathed to come back from retirement. I'm TEULLIN' YA. ITs GREAT UP HERE IN TE DAIIES! WEAL. THINGS WE VEAUY TMPPOV


Breathed selling out to afford his expensive hobbies. LA WElAnces! I D MALE CF YINJ CIDE UNTIL Yu Fes ADE o ESCR 30151 Nlo DD YO TON 9J NE THE 44 SING


Opus the Penguin drawing Bill the Cat in an extremely disrespectful Blondie crossover... E A few more lines... another Pulitzer is as good as mine! OR


...which Breathed then filled in, dragging Hobbes into the unholy mashup. To date, Watterson hasn't said this isn't canon... CRACKED.COM