Tell Us Now: Movies And Shows That Are Hugely Overrated

Certain movies and shows have a way of taking over the zeitgeist in a huge way. Critics love them, all your friends binge them, and the industry piles trophies on them at awards time. But sometimes those shows utterly miss you, and leave you not only scratching your head, but quietly seething over how much of your life you wasted on what's clearly a heaping pile of crap.

Everyone's had that experience, right? Not just us? We tested that by asking our Facebook fans to tell us which beloved, acclaimed movies and shows were wildly overrated, and why. Here's what they told us:


TELL US NOW. Jeff B. thinks The Irishman is a huge snore-fest. Rehash of a story we already knew, told by some of our favorite septuagenarians who arJeff B.


TELL US NOW. Norman L. says Westworld (the series) is massively overrated. First and foremost it was devoid of any characters you rooted for or caredNorman L.


.. TELL US NOW. Adam N. says The Descent can just keep descending. As a big horror fan ... I never understood why everyone loved that movie. It felt Adam N.


TELL US NOW. Multiple readers agree that Bridesmaids was a dud. Cath M. says she didn't even crack a smile for the entire film, and wanted to slap alCath M., Matt S.


TELL US NOW. Heather D. says Gravity was just ridiculous. Needlessly ridiculous. And truthfully it would not have been hard to make it plausible therHeather D.


TELL US NOW. The Watchmen movie left readers bored and baffled. Alex W. says he spent the whole movie looking at his watch and checking to see how mucAlex W., Tricia A.


TELL US NOW. Steve P. can't figure out why Birdman won an Oscar for best picture. SON, CPA FUL I've never walked out of a theatre mid-movie but I camSteve P.


TELL US NOW. Chris B. can't figure out why anyone ever liked Gone With The Wind. The real world is literally falling apart while this lady stays wrapChris B.


TELL US NOW. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood had Colin A. checking his watch. HOLLYOOD AMPIC I'm a Tarantino fan but this one had little plot, even lesColin A.


TELL US NOW. Boyhood was more like borehood, for Josh B. I went in expecting to watch a film that highlighted many of my own joys and horrors growingJosh B.


TELL US NOW. Gareth K. thinks Forrest Gump is a waste of celluloid. It falls apart hard with repeated viewings, like a magic trick. There's nothing cGareth K.


TELL US NOW. The Office totally missed Erik K. with its humor. Not one person on that show was likable, he says. His take on Michael Scott? Not havErik K.


TELL US NOW. Katheen E. blocked Apocalypse Now from her brain. I kept fast forwarding because the camera would just linger for tension. And they fiKathleen E.


TELL US NOW. Jason M. says Pretty Woman left him reaching for a barf bag. What flipped his stomach? The whole pretty hooker, lonely rich boy, let me Jason M.


TELL US NOW. Lindsey S. thinks A Star Is Born is tone-deaf as hell. It's a messy glorification of toxic, dysfunctional relationships. It's two hours Lindsey S.


TELL US NOW. Michael D. has no coins to toss to The Witcher. btasken a11. The special effects were not up to par with other fantasy shows, and the tiMichael D.