18 High-Octane Facts To Turbocharge Your Brain

Your brain needs two things to work: glucose and facts. Glucose is its fuel, and facts are its... uh... manifold filter pump? OK, we might not know much about engines, but we do know about random facts -- and we have prepared some that will make your brain purr like a Ferrari with shiny new O-ring grommets.

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Sweden tortured psychiatric patients with candy. In the 1940s, the Swedish set out to test the hypothesis that sugar caused cavities. And they did it More: Top Secret Psychological Experiments (That Were Basically Torture)


CRACKED cO Food is used to punish prisoners. Nutraloaf is a soul-crushingly bland concoction that counts as food in that it will nourish you, if you mMore: Ways Prison Life Is Even Worse Than On TV


CRACKED c COM In Lebanon, Pulp Fiction was shown in chronological order. Pulp Fiction's Lebanese distributor thought audiences would be confused by thMore: Transcendentally Stupid Movie Censorship


A murder took place at the Lebowski mansion. L.A.'S Greystone Mansion, where countless shows and movies were shot, was the stage of a real murder mystMore: Deeply Cursed Los Angeles Places (You Know From Movies)


CRACKEDGOM Tolkien hated Disney and his dwarfs. Good ol' J.R.R. really disliked Disney's take on Snow White's story. Tolkien, who had just published hMore: Tolkien Versus Disney, And More WTF Historical Feuds


CRACKED CO COM Should the last smallpox samples be destroyed? This is a tricky one. On the one hand, the WHO says the virus samples are necessary to dMore: Weird Ways Science Is Screwed


A man keeps getting arrested for pointing out where JFK was shot. Robert J. Groden, a high-profile conspiracy theorist, has been arrested 82 times forMore: Tyrants Who Punched Down On WTF Dumb Things


CRACKEDCO Ang Lee played the Hulk himself. Lee personally donned the motion capture suit when he directed his pre-MCU version of the Hulk. According tMore: Sneaky Ways Directors Hid Cameos