Scary Side-Effects Of The Rona Virus

PSA: If you're experiencing any scary or weird symptoms, see a doctor. Reading Cracked is not a substitute for actual medical advice. -Ed

As you all know, we're dealing with an outbreak of respiratory disease that makes you cough and stuff ... right? That's only the tip of the iceberg. It turns out this thing can do all kinds of weird things to your body.

Things like:


COVID can cause swollen, red toes. Usually, several toes swell up, on one or both feet. They can get So painful, even putting socks on is impossible. Source: The New York Times


CRACKEDCO COVID can lead to pinkeye. Apparently, it's a symptom that shows up pretty late, and it's been known to happen as a result of upper respiratSource: The College of Optometrists


The pandemic gave us a new term: happy hypoxia. That's when your blood oxygen is dangerously low, but you look and feel totally fine. This happens becSource: Science Magazine


OH H H A Hamburg ICU unit found that COVID threw testosterone levels out of whack. 68.6% of its male patients had low testosterone, while 60% of femalSource: medRxiv


CRACKED COM In some people, COVID causes rashes. There's no telltale rash pattern rashes just show up sometimes when there's a viral infection. For soSource: Cleveland Clinic


CRACKEDCON COVID can really mess up your kidneys. Up to 30% of hospitalized patients in New York and China had kidney injury, and some of them had to Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine


CRACKED.COM COVID symptoms might last for months long after you recover. About 5% of patients, according to latest research, have on-and-off symptomSource: The Guardian


CRACKED.COM Almost one fifth of Wuhan's COVID patients had heart trauma. In a study of 416 patients, 19. 7% developed cardiac injury while hospitalizeSource: JAMA Cardiology


It looks like COVID can mess up your brain. COVID patients around the world have developed seizures, memory problems, loss of ability to speak, and otSource: The New York Times


The first COVID symptom might be diarrhea. That's the takeaway from a study in The American Journal of f Gastroenterology. And some of the patients whSource: Live Science


CRACKEDOON Seriously ill COVID patients get blood clots. Up to 30% of hospitalized patients, and almost one half of patients in critical care, Get theSource: BBC News


Patients are reporting fizzing, tingling, and bubbling sensations. People have had these sensations all over the body, and also just inside the ribcagSource: TODAY