Surprisingly Resourceful Ways Companies Are Handling All This

Much like the rest of us, businesses are figuring out how to adapt to this whole situation on the fly. And in some cases, the stuff they're doing is extremely ridiculous and/or surprising.

Stuff like:


CRACKED COM A three-Michelin-star restaurant will fill up its space with mannequins. Virginia's restaurants can only be filled to 50% capacity so, to Source: Washingtonian


CRACKEDO POLICG Cord 5563 Ford is equipping its cop cars with germ-killing heaters. Its new SUVs for police forces will come with the ability to raiseSource: CNN


ME MIX981 Radio stations are playing more upbeat, happy songs. Sad music isn't completely out, but positive songs are getting a lot more airplay. RadiSource: Richmond Times-Dispatch


CRACKED Thousands of cars are getting left on ships anchored at sea. Because demand is dropping like a rock (for example, in April, U.S. sales fell 39Source: Bloomberg


CRACRED.CON Belgian potato producers are begging people to eat more fries. Belgium's frites (twice-fried potatoes) are in way less demand, as they werSource: CNBC


CRACKEDCON * n Tsi A Tokyo university ceremony replaced students with robots. A graduation ceremony at Tokyo's Business Breakthrough University was heSource: Reuters


CRACKEDCO A Michigan jewelry store now stocks canned goods. Krautheim & Swanson Gemworks is now also selling beans, soup, and tomato sauce, sO they caSource: [url=][/url]

5 An Amsterdam restaurant is putting guests in greenhouses. Every table is in its private greenhouse, and waiters serve meals on long boardsSource: CNN


CRAGKED.COM Mckeeve IT Bcin S An Irish pub is delivering beer with drones. 152-year-old McKeever's Bar & Lounge in Rathdrinagh, Ireland, delivers beerSource: The Guardian


GRAGKEDO facebook Facebook removed pseudoscience as an ad category. That's part of its efforts to clean up COVID-related misinformation. Over 78 milSource: Reuters


CRACKEDcO uir BE uir B 12 o ESPN is hoping Korean baseball can save it. With sports events cancelled pretty much everywhere, ESPN is trying to get whaSource: The New York Times


An Oregon strip club pivoted to serving food. The Lucky Devil Lounge (now Lucky Devil Eats) now has a service where, as you slowly drive through the dSource: NBC News