News That Proves We Are Getting There

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

If you glance at the news, you might think that humanity is sliding into the proverbial volcano inch by inch with every doomed day that passes. But that's not necessarily true. We're here to tell you about some of the people working on elaborate pulley-and-rope systems that will extract us from the volcano.

For example:


Animals and surfaces are mostly safe, it seems. The CDC updated its website to point out that, according to the latest information, it's pretty hard tSource: The Washington Post


We have a super-cheap, super-quick COVID test prototype. It's based on the -editing technology Crispr, and it looks like it'll be able to give you resSource: The New York Times


The FDA gave emergency authorization to a standalone at-home COVID testing kit. Everlywell's kit is the first such kit that can be processed by multipSource: TechCrunch


We're sitting on a big stockpile on what could be a COVID vaccine. Between 23,000 and 230, 000 doses of what was being developed as a vaccine for SARSSource: USA Today


We found out that blood thinners help against COVID. A review of medical records found that patients on blood thinners lived longer (although the deatSource: The Washington Post


It looks like an existing drug could really help fight COVID. It turns out that COVID patients have super low levels of T-Cells, which clear out infecSource: BBC News


We now know that blood plasmo from COVID survivors kills the virus dead. Research done at the University of Hong Kong found that the plasma killed 99%Source: South China Morning Post


The first phase 1 clinical trial of a COVID vaccine was a success. It's safe, and it produces antibodies and T-cells against COVID, which means it shoSource: EurekAlert!


Canada is well on the way to stamping out the virus. As of May 19, over 50% of Canada's COVID patients- .828 people - have recovered. Infectious diseaSource: CTV News


People who re-test positive for COVID can't infect others, it looks like. South Korea's health authorities found no evidence that those people are conSource: Yonhap News Agency


A U.S. company says it found an effective antibody against COVID. Out of a dozen antibodies that can block the COVID virus from entering human cells, Source: NBC San Diego