Amusing Moments Brought To You By The Rona

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

The unpleasantness unfolding around us is also turning up pockets of weird humor, much like diamonds turning up in the poop of an elephant that ate a treasure chest.

We've gathered a bunch of them for you:


A Long Island official made a crowd giggle by explaining how tennis will work. For Local Updates Text COVID19NC to 888777 ONassauExecutive facebook.coSource: Mashable


200 goats rampaged through East San' Jose. They broke through the electric fence keeping them locked up, and ran through the empty streets until a neiSource: NBC News


Kuwait's lockdown is hell on men with multiple wives. People can go outside just to shop once every six days (with official permission), except for twSource: The Citizen


A Wyoming strip club reopened with a masks on, clothes off party. 155. RSAC 05155198 IRSACEL SACEVED The dancers got pretty close to customers and eSource: USA Today


Two Italian women figured out a way to play sports during sociat distancing. In Liguria, Italy, two women have been playing tennis while on separate rSource: ATP Tour


A German cafe kept up social distancing with weird hats. On its reopening, Cafe Rothe in Schwerin gave every customer a straw hat with colorful pool nSource: CNN


Vietnam installed ATMs for rice.' MAY3 ovi RON The machines, found in several cities, give out free rice to anyone who might need it. Using hand sanSource: CNN


A Canadian reporter accidentally showed off her naked husband. While she was doing a hairstyling-related broadcast from her bathroom, her husband was Source: Entertainment Tonight


Canada had to send back two pandas. Because it couldn't feed the pandas due to supply flights being grounded, the Calgary Zoo had to send them back toSource: CBC


A flock of sheep roamed the streets of Samsun, Turkey,' while everyone slept. Shepherds led them out, but not before the ringing of their bells probabSource: BBC News, Time Out


Peruvian police acted out a meme in real life to motivate people. Riffing on the Ghanaian pallbearers meme, police in Cajamarca province danced while Source: BBC News


A New Zealand cafe kicked out the Prime Minister. When Jacinda Ardern showed up with her partner at a Wellington cafe, it was at its maximum capacity Source: The Guardian