Darkly Funny Moments That It's OK To Laugh At

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Yes, this is a time of unprecedented tragedy. It is also accompanied by, as tends to happen in these situations, moments of unprecedented comedy.

Let us tell you about some of those moments:


Darkly Funny Moments That It's OK To Laugh AtSource: Slobodna Dalmacija


Darkly Funny Moments That It's OK To Laugh AtSource: Vallejo Times-Herald


NORFOLK POLICE HAD TO LOOK FOR SOMEBODY WALKING AROUND IN A 17TH-CENTURY PLAGUE DOCTOR OUTFIT. On Facebook, some locals said they were concerned aboutSource: CTV News


A TOP SOUTH KOREAN SOCCER CLUB HAD TO APOLOGIZE FOR USING SEX DOLL-LIKE MANNEQUINS. y 7O 700 OITA Iurtlte FC Seoul made their stands look a bit less eSource: BBC News


A BELGIAN MOM TOOK HER DAUGHTER TO A MCDONALD'S DRIVE-THRU IN A CARDBOARD CAR. ADo+ MCDOIMPRO That was the only open McD, and Nathalie Moermans couldnSource: Newsweek


JURY SELECTION FOR A TEXAS TRIAL GOT HELD UP BY AN ISSUE WITH HEADPHONES. OR Emly Tang 09. Shsne Dier 14 14-Sharyn cla. 06. RchardDia ho 02 -Angela BaSource: Law.com


IN BREAKS BETWEEN SEWING MASKS,. SOME NUNS PLAVED BASKETBALL. The nuns of the Convento de San Leandro in Seville, Spain usually make candy, but now thSource: The Cut


WILD BOARS TOOK OVER ISRAEL'S 3RD LARGEST CITY. They're roaming the streets of Haifa, and some people are feeding them (despite the local government'sSource: Haaretz


BORIS JOHNSON'S PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISER WAS TOO HORNY FOR QUARANTINE. Neil Ferguson (nicknamed Professor Lockdown) spoke all the time about the need to Source: The Telegraph


A SPANISH JOURNALIST GOT MIRED IN A CHEATING SCANDAL. While Alfonso Merlos was streaming from home, a half-naked woman walked by behind him -journalisSource: People Magazine


A KANGAROO HOPPED THROUGH ADELAIDE'S CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT. They sometimes show up in the suburbs, but never in the Central Business District- usuSource: Deutsche Welle


THE BELGIAN DEPUTY PREMIER SHOWED US HE REALLY REALLY CAN'T PUT ON A MASK It happened when he visited a sewing workshop, of all things, and someone gaSource: VRT NWS