Important (Or Hilarious) News Stories That Got Buried

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Seeing as the world is on fire, it's pretty understandable if you miss news not directly related to the raging inferno consuming everything in sight.

But that means not hearing about important and/or funny stuff like ...


WE LEARNED THAT PEE WILL BE A MISSION-CRITICAL RESOURCE FOR BUILDERS ON THE MOON. A study by the European Space Agency found that human urea would makSource: AP News


A BIG STUDY FOUND UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME DOESN'T MAKE PEOPLE WORK LESS. A Finnish study gave 000 unemployed people E560 a month for two years (even ifSource: New Scientist


PART OF PRAGUE'S TOURIST DISTRICT IS PAVED WITH JEWISH HEADSTONES. 220118739/11119 For years, rumors swirled that the cobblestones put in Wenceslas SqSource: The Guardian


FACEBOOK IS PAYING OUT $52 MILLION TO ITS CONTENT MODERATORS. racebook The job involves seeing a lot of graphic violence and, to compensate for the meSource: The Verge


BRAZIL IS DEPLOYING ITS ARMY TO PROTECT THE AMAZON. BRASIL 3,800 soldiers are moving into the Amazon to fight illegal logging, accompanied by chemicalSource: Al Jazeera


WE MIGHT OWE A LOT TO NEANDERTHALS, IT TURNS OUT. U Analysis of tools and remains found in Bulgaria tells us that modern humans lived alongside NeandeSource: The Guardian


PRINCETON NAMED ITS FIRST-EVER BLACK VALEDICTORIAN. Nicholas Johnson, an operations research and financial engineering major, says having that honor fSource: CNN


QUEEN GUITARIST BRIAN MAY ACCIDENTALLY TORE HIS BUTT. As a result of over-enthusiastic gardening (his words), he damaged his gluteus maximus. Right Source: Variety


GAY CONVERSION THERAPY FOR MINORS IS OFFICIALLY ILLEGAL IN GERMANY. The penalty for anyone offering it is up to a year in prison, or a fine of E30,000Source: The Independent


150 SOLDIERS GOT INTO A FISTFIGHT ON THE INDIAN-CHINESE BORDER. In the mountainous Naku La sector of the border, the two sides started arguing and thrSource: Newsweek


IRAN DOESN'T WANT IRANIANS TO ENDURE THE SAFETY CONDITIONS OF U.S. JAILS. uUalhTntalhtnlr HEEEIITGIS To keep Iranians held by the U.S. from getting COSource: ABC News


THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS GETTING READY FOR MOON MINING. Artwork. by Maciej Rebisz They're drafting an international legal framework, called the ArtSource: Reuters