Surprising Ways People Are Fighting Isolation

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Sure, most people are fighting isolation armed only with Netflix and Animal Crossing. But some are going to really surprising, clever and/or crazy lengths to get back a sense of normalcy and human community.

For example:


A STRETCH OF THE SWISS-GERMAN BORDER IS NOW A BUSYMEETING SPOT. Friends, lovers and relatives separated by the border are all meeting up to see each oSource: Reuters


AMERICANS AND CANADIANS ARE HOWLING AT THE MOON. In towns in Canada and the western U.S., some people walk out of their houses late at night and startSource: CBC


ONLINE MEETINGS FOR ALCOHOLICS ARE MUSHROOMING. It's very, very easy to start drinking in quarantine, so lots of alcoholics from over the world are joSource: The Guardian


Surprising Ways People Are Fighting IsolationSource: Mashable


ONE IRISHMAN IS MEETING UP WITH A DOLPHIN TWICE A DAY. Fungie, a dolphin living off the coast of Dingle since 1983, is normally surrounded by touristsSource:


SENIORS IN NURSING HOMES ARE BECOMING DJS TO BEATISOLATION The online radio show Radio Recliner features only elderly nursing home residents as DJs, aSource: AP News


THE QUARANTINE IS MAKING OLD GRUDGES DISAPPEAR. A bunch of people are getting back in touch with someone they've been resenting or feuding with for yeSource: The New York Times


PEOPLE ARE REALLY GETTING INTO ONLINE DEATH CAFES. A death cafe is a bunch of people gathering to talk frankly about death over cake and tea. In quaraSource: The Guardian


THE QUARANTINE COULDN'T KILL A PROUD BRITISH TRADITION Pub quizzes (in which people compete in teams to answer questions) are super popular in the UK,Source: The Atlantic


IF YOU'D LIKE TO TRAVEL OUT OF YOUR BODY USING YOUR MIND. THERE'S A REDDIT COMMUNITY FOR THAT. The subreddit rAstralarmy is a place for people to learSource: VICE


LONG-DISTANCE SEXTING ARRANGEMENTS ARE THE HOT NEW THING. People are startingsext-only relationships, not hoping anything physical will come of it aftSource: VICE


IN DERBYSHIRE UK, PEOPLE MOO LIKE COWS. At 18:30, everyone comes out and starts to moo. Some have really stepped up their game and started amplifying Source: BBC Newsround