Strange Things That We're Running Out Of

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Sure, everyone knows that toilet paper and hand sanitizer are flying off the shelves. But there's a bunch of other stuff that's getting bought up like crazy, too, that almost nobody is talking about. Which is a shame, because looking at it tells you how society's priorities have shifted in the crisis.

So we've rounded up a bunch of stories about things suddenly in demand, so you can see for yourself.


In Australia, poultry breeders are having a hard time meeting demand for chickens. Why? More and more people want to have their own personal source ofSource: ABC NEWS


The Russian banking system is getting drained OF cash. TTRCCOD ool OReetto 12 8646396 I'T 100 TLO O PMenE 50 OAETMARATS 50 STHIBGL HIUSAd In seven weeSource: Newsweek


In Germany and South Korea, drive-in cinemas are drawing tons of people. It doesn't even seem to matter so much what they're showing. People just loveSource: The Hollywood Reporter


Even though we're going out less, we're buying way more alcohol. MESON TULLAMORE ELL'S BEAM Red Label DEW JIM Jnsw JB WILD TURKEY WHISKEY Jene 81 BOURSource: Inside Radio


Teledildonics is getting big. Basically, that's a word for sex toys that your partner can control through the internet. For 20 years, they've looked lSource: Rolling Stone


Frozen pizza is on its way to becoming a luxury item. GNATURE PIZZA Home Run inn MEAT LOVERS UNCUUED UNCUDD CLASSIC PIZZA SHICAVO Home Run inn SAUS MoSource: Adweek, The Herald News


There's a looming flour shortage because everyone started baking. In the UK, a 1,000-year-old flour mill was put back into service after 50 years to hSource: Food & Wine, CNN


Buying a webcam is an almost impossible mission. looi Stocks are selling out so fast, it's a challenge to get one without getting ripped off by a reseSource: The Verge, Laptop Mag


Men, women, and couples are all buying more sex dolls. The world's largest sex doll retailer, Sex Doll Genie, says straight couples bought over 33% moSource: Hucknall Dispatch


People are listening to way more classic rock and country music. Streams of the Top 200 U.S. songs fell 28% between the weeks ending on March 16 and ASource: The Guardian


We badly need coders fluent in a programming language invented in 1959. Top of Data * * * * * ** ***** IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. MARBJPMN. Source: The Verge


Wendy's is running out of beef. NEW Q: WHERE'S WEnDY THE BEEF? MBTRGER AA Lots of meatpacking plants shut down, which is starting to affect grocery chSource: The New York Times