Groups That Are Getting Pummeled Right Now

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

The current pandemic is "the great equalizer," celebrities love to bleat. Actually, no, it really isn't. It's more like the great divider, because fighting it is infinitely easier when you have money and privilege by the bucketful. But if you're already facing severe disadvantages, well, all this is probably just multiplying them, in ways someone outside your group probably wouldn't expect.

Take a look:


College shutdowns are super hard on some trans students. For those whose families don't accept them, having to go back home is pretty rough. Worse, a Source: Buzzfeed News


lolalin ercro Fite & U.S PAY A-LOVE In China, Africans are treated like second-class citizens. People from Africa are being scapegoated as coronavirusSource: VICE, Al Jazeera


Trump's dumb ychloroquine lupus patients in danger Once he started talking about the drug being a game changer for COVID, people started hoarding itSource: The Atlantic


COVID took a huge toll on NYC'S Hasidic Jews. Hasidic Jews tend to be wary of non-Hasidic authorities, to live in big multi-generational families undeSource: The New York Times


Income US 11040 BITA 37 or 777 Millions of poor people's stimulus checks got held up. Poor people are more likely to use a tax prep service that colleSource: ProPublica


The U.S. is sweeping COviD's toll on Native Americans under the rug. In most states, Native Americans aren't included as a separate group in coronavirSource: The Guardian


/1.4ot 042485 U240115 Gay and bi men still can't donate blood (despite the huge shortage). Even though the FDA softened its ban on blood donations froSource: VICE


Abortions got banned in some places. 13 states tried to ban or restrict abortions during the pandemic (for example, by declaring abortions non-essentiSource: VICE


LGBTQ Americans are more likely to be in financial trouble.. They're 36% more likely than the general public to have lost work due to lockdown measureSource: VICE


Filipino American nurses' selflessness is killing them. Longstanding cultural norms make Filipino nurses likely to put their patients' needs ahead of Source: Stat News


Britain's PPE wasn't designed for female healthcare workers. 75% of workers in the UK's National Health Service are female, but they have to use masksSource: The Guardian


The COVID death rate is dispoBlack higher for Americans. That's mainly because, after decades of abuse and dismissiveness, Black communities have a deSource: Buzzfeed News