Here's How The Smart People Are Figuring This Thing Out

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Wherever you turn, the news heaps a ton of doom and gloom on you, with good reason. These are dire times. But it's actually only mostly bad. Buried in all the darkness, there are signs of genuine progress happening.

For example ...


Two companies are massively speeding up their vaccine trials. Pfizer and BioNTech are testing four variants of their vaccine in parallel. That'll makeSource: The New York Times


We're starting large-scale testing of three vaccines. Two U.S. candidates and a Chinese one passed the first stage, showing they're safe. The second pSource: Los Angeles Times


We've found a human antibody that disarms the coronavirus. The antibody attaches to a protein on the virus' surface, which leaves the virus unable to Source: IFLSCience


An Indian company created the world's first reusable PPE suit. That not only helps with the global PPE shortage, but also cuts down on biomedical wastSource: The Week, Swarajya


The University of Chicago apparently found a great alternative to ventilators. High-flow nasal cannulas sit right underneath your nose and blow oxygenSource: UChicago Medicine


A team of Afghan teenage girls is building a ventilator from old car parts. Once they finish the model, hopefully in May or June, they'll let the HealSource: The Globe and Mail


The UK approved a new ventilator design and ordered 15,000 units. Medical device company Penlon upgraded its ventilator design So it could be made quiSource: BBC News


An arthritis drug could protect the lungs of COVID patients. Tocilizumab suppresses immune system overreaction, which can happen with COVID and can leSource: UC San Diego Health


Llamas could heal us. In a llama blood sample, we've found antibodies that neutralize the coronavirus. Researchers hope the antibodies can be injectedSource: The New York Times


The guy who invented N95 masks came out of retirement to help out. N95 masks were designed for one use but, because of the shortage, healthcare workerSource: The Jerusalem Post


On May 5th, New Zealand had no deaths or new cases for the second day in a row. It's the result of several measures, two of which are mass testing andSource: Radio New Zealand, CNBC


An ER doctor is helping solve the PPE shortage from his basement. Tarek Loubani is 3D-printing face shields and selling them to a local hospital, and Source: Buzzfeed News