Fun Facts For Your Brain To Munch On

Every day, Cracked cooks for you nourishing curiosities and trivia seasoned with funny. But sometimes you don't have time for a whole meal -- and for just such occasions, we have prepared these crunchy snacks with the leftovers. This way, you'll never lack for your comfort brainfood.

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Batman has a second secret identity. In the comics, Matches Malone was a gangster who died while trying to kill Batman - and who happened to look exacMore: Superhero Details Only The Apex Nerds Know


Charles Darwin was on a quest to eat every animal species. Darwin's interest in animals was twofold - both scientific and gastronomical. He sampled puMore: Old-Timey Icons With WTF Habits


The voice of Bambi became a Marine. Donnie Dunagan voiced young Bambi when he was 6 -and for decades, he didn't tell anyone. He went on to join the MaMore: Casting Hollywood Kept Buried Forever


Alligators weren't the first mythical sewer dwellers. Urban legends about sewer gators have their roots in Victorian London. Underground workers knownMore: Urban Legends Older Than You'd Think


Superheroes used to be the bottom of the comics barrel. Back in the'40s, comics boasted a much greater variety than today. Crime and horror were the tMore: Past Superhero Trends That Now Look Nuts


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