Laughably Dumb Moments During This Super-Serious Time

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Sure, the crisis we're living through has a long, long list of awful consequences none of us need reminding of. But, as with any time that involves chaos and people having to adjust to new things, there's also a ton of unexpected hilarity.

For example:


Laughably Dumb Moments During This Super-Serious TimeSource: Slate


Laughably Dumb Moments During This Super-Serious TimeSource: Global News


REPORTER WIll REEVE DID HISJ0B WITHOUT PANTS. He talked about pharmacies using drones wearing a suit, jacket, and shorts tiny enough to expose his thiSource: The A.V. Club


A DUBA MAN ASKED POLICE WHETHER HE NEEDS A PERMIT TO MOVE BETWEEN HIS TWO WIVES HOUSES. Senior Dubai police official Saif Muhair AI Mazroui, who fieldSource: Gulf Today


A BOSTON NURSE MISSPELLED BOSTON STRONG WITH HER MARATHON ROUTE. Eos River St St Be Back AC BA STTDG The Boston Marathon was postponed, so Lindsay DSource: CBC


ONE OF THE TEKAS STATE AQUARLUuM'S DOLPHINS DID A SLOTH CIMPRESSION. As part of the Aquarium's animal enrichment program, with no visitors around, theSource: Insider


A Guy IN SPAIN TRIED TO UsE HIS FISH TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. is POLICLA NACIONAL M* INTERIOR Spain is under extreme lockdown, but pet owners are alloSource: CBS Local, Twitter


A MARYLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT WARNED PEOPLE TO WEAR PANTS WHLE THEYRE GETTING THE MAIL. 20 Ma You know who you are. This is your final warning, it saSource: NPR, NBC Washington


IN INDIA. A COLLEGE DROPOUT BIKED OVER 370 MILES TO SCORE WEED. Because of the lockdown, he couldn't get any in his home town of Hyderabad, but a frieSource: The New Indian Express


IN SOUTH AFRICA, LIONS TOOK OVER A ROAD. With much fewer people in Kruger National Park, lions started sleeping on a road outside a rest camp. It wasnSource: CBS News


CRACKED.COM A NOBEL PRIZE-WINNING IMMUNOLOGIST THOUGHT THITTER Was GOOGLE. Australia's Professor Peter Doherty tweeted Dan Murphy opening hours (DanSource: SBS News


NYC MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO'S SNITCH HOTLINE GOT SWAMPED WITH DICK PICS. Soon after De Blasio announced a text line for people to snitch on anyone violatSource: The Independent