Things To Be Optimistic About Right Now

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

"Never let a crisis go to waste" is one of those things movie and TV characters say when they're supposed to sound smart. In this case, some people are doing just that, which is somehow leading to this whole thing having a couple of positive consequences.

Take a look:


Animal shelters throughout the U.S. are getting emptied out. Lots of people need company, SO way more animals than usual are getting a new home. For eSource: NBC News


South African gangs aren't at war anymore. They made a truce to work together and bring food to people under lockdown. Pastor Andie Steele-Smith, who Source: CBS News


The UK's rainfall records are getting digitized at warp speed. The British government has handwritten rainfall records from the 1820s to the 1950s on Source: BBC News


We've quickly made the internet faster, more stable, and more widely available than ever. Equinix, a giant data center company, is rolling out massiveSource: MIT Technology Review


There are more and more opportunities for those with disabilities. Lots of museums, theaters, universities and other institutions are offering virtualSource: The Guardian


Because fishing fleets are docked, marine life has a great chance to recover. Seafood demand fell sharply (mostly because restaurants and hotels were Source: Bloomberg


Spain is introducing universal basic income. Starting in May, the government will be making regular payments (it's not yet clear how much) to familiesSource: France 24


More and more cities are planning for bicycles, not cars. Air pollution went way down during the pandemic, and to keep it that way, cities including PSource: The Independent


The anti-va movement is kind of losing steam. Many people in anti-vax communities say they'd be happy to get vaccinated against COVID. And polling shoSource: CNN


Leatherback turtles, a vulnerable species, are coming back. They lay their eggs on beaches, but tourists usually keep them away. With beaches desertedSource: The Independent


Political polling got much easier. Before the pandemic, in-depth phone surveys that take 30 minutes or more were very hard for pollsters to pull off. Source: The Hill


We're cutting out fossil fuels. The International Energy Agency says the fall in energy demand due to the lockdown is lowering our coal, oil, and gas Source: The Guardian