Surprising Ways Companies Are Adapting

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Pretty much nobody is having an easy time right now, except for Jeff Bezos and toilet paper manufacturers (probably). We're all figuring out ways to adapt, but some businesses and other institutions have been more ingenious and others, and have figured out pretty clever and/or funny ways to survive in all this.

Ways like:


CRACKED.COM Singapore's businesses are using SO much tape, they're making the city look like an art project. All kinds of organizations, from malls toSource: MSN News


CRACKEDCON Tech companies are making Al that checks if people are following quarantine rules. The Al is starting to get used in cameras SO that they cSource: Reuters


CRAGKED.COM The British military is trying to protect soldiers from COVID with insect repellent. The Ministry of Defence is planning to buy lots of ciSource: The Guardian


Esk ESK sK FSkI 1K1 ESki ESKi VESk Esk ESkl ESKI EKI ESAI A fourth-tier German football club sold around $110,000 in tickets for an invisible match. TSource: BBC News


CRACKED OOM A South Korean church held drive-in services in a parking lot. About 300 people showed up -COVID attendance was 400-500), sO people were aSource: MSN News


CRACKEDCO You can't come into the Four Seasons New York if you have a fever. Two nurses with thermometers stand at the entrance and check the temperatSource: NBC News


CRACKED COM Mambo, age 8. for rent A North Carolina farm is making extra bucks by renting animals to crash conference calls. You can rent a miniature Source: AP News


Braskem Workers lived inside a Pennsylvania factory for 28 days to help fight COVID. They all volunteered to do it, and the company, Braskem, paid theSource: The Washington Post


CRACKEDcO A Russian ZOO installed a TV for its chimps. Chimpanzees in the Krasnoyarsk Royev Ruchey Nature Park started showing signs of depression oncSource: The Siberian Times


CRACKEDcO TUNAARE PONER POPLE S An Italian factory now useS traffic lights for its bathrooms. When you go inside, you flick a switch to change the colSource: Reuters


CRACKEDCON K JF t' JO Ralauten Rclat MI tuo' deer RaKuten #R R kute A Taiwanese baseball team is gonna have robots cheering them on. Real fans can't cSource: 12up


CRACKEDO COM URALAIRLINES A Russian airline is delivering in-flight meals to people in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. They even bring you tSource: Skift