Important News Stories That Got Buried By All The Chaos

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Sure, on most days, the news is so depressing it makes you wish for Cthulhu to rise from the depths and put an end to all this. But there's a bunch of stuff that isn't related to the crisis, isn't depressing, and is important -- or, if not that, pretty fascinating.

Stuff like ...


RESEARCHERS THINK THEY'VE FOUND A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF PLAY. Watching videos of horses and dogs playing together, they've found both species use thSource: Discover Magazine


SOUTH KOREA'S NEW GOVERNMENT ADOPTED A GREEN NEW DEAL. The ruling Democratic Party came out with a super-ambitious roadmap to make the country carbon-Source: Climate Home News


WE'VE FOUND A PRETTY GOOD CANDIDATE FOR ANOTHER EARTH. Artist's rendering of the surface ustration In orbit around a red dwarf star, NASA found KeplerSource: CNET, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory


AUSTRALIA JUST GOT SAFER FOR KIDS. Australian and U.S. officials busted a child sex abuse ring operating in five Australian states, arresting 16 peoplSource: Nine News


THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION JUST MADE AIR POLLUTION A BIGGER DANGER. The E.P.A.'s new mercury emissions rules ignore public health gains and only consideSource: The New York Times


WE NOW KNOW THAT FLAMINGOS HAVE SURPRISINGLY RICH SOCIAL LIVES. In a five-year-study, researchers learned that flamingos have social systems nearly asSource: Science Magazine


AUSTRALIA SLASHED GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK'S MONOPOLY POWER. face aceboo From July, Google and Facebook will have to share advertising revenue with local mSource: Reuters


A NEW SNAKE SPECIES WAS NAMED AFTER THE FOUNDER OF HOUSE SLYTHERIN. An Indian research team found a new green pit viper species from the genus TrimereSource: CNN


THE FLORIDA AQUARIUM MADE A BIG STEP TOWARD SAVING THE 3RD BIGGEST CORAL REEF. For the first time in history, they managed to get ridged cactus coral Source: CNN, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary


ROGER STONE TRIED TO GET A NEW TRIAL, AND FAILED. He asked for a new trial because, apparently, the jury foreperson bashed Trump on social media. But Source: Buzzfeed News


THE LAST COAL POWER PLANT IN AUSTRIA GOT SHUT DOWN. There are still over a dozen gas and oil power plants, and the plan is to shut those down by 2030.Source: AP News


NASA IS LAUNCHING PEOPLE INTO SPACE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2011. As a test, Spacex's new Crew Dragon rocket will carry two astronauts to the ISS on Source: MIT Technology Review