Unexpected Ways Governments Around The World Are Responding To The Crisis

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

The crisis playbook is pretty clear, right? Lock everything down, keep the healthcare system running at maximum capacity, and give things time. Mostly. But some countries have some really, really surprising twists on that.

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India's Karnataka state wants selfies every hour from quarantined people. Those in quarantine will have to download an app that they'll use to take a Source: Buzzfeed News


Kenya's court sessions are mostly video conference calls. I NEWS NEWS DESK ONLINE JUSTICE SMS 22155 MOMBASA HIGH COURT MOVES ONLINE 1:02:13 PM BRIEFS Source: CNN


Ireland made its private hospitals public for the length of the pandemic. VID That move added 2,000 beds and nine laboratories to the public health sySource: [url=]Name[/url]


Tunisia is enforcing the lockdown with a robot Remotely operated, it patrols Tunis, the capital, and scolds lockdown violators with What are you doinSource: The Guardian


The British police told people they shouldn't snitch on lockdown violators. The police and crime commissioner for the Thames Valley says that's only nSource: BBC News


Australia is getting homeless people into five-star hotels. PAN PACIFIC Perth PAN PACIFIC PFETH Right now, they have a pilot scheme that moved 20 homeSource: The Independent


Panama's lockdown is gender- segregated. Cnseroog SUR POLCIA 2738 Men can leave the house on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Women can leave on MoSource: Business Insider


Portugal is making sure everyone in the country can get medical care. The government gave migrants and asylum seekers full citizenship rights, so theySource: CNN


Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban made a Palpatine-style power grab. The parliament (which is in his party's hands) cancelled all elections, suspeSource: The Atlantic


Italy is considering separating people into COVID-immune and COVID-susceptible. Matteo Renzi A regional president suggested a license for people with Source: The New York Times


France is making sure domestic violence victims can get out. Domestic abuse reports went up by 32% in the first two weeks of lockdown. In response, thSource: France 24


The Malaysian government tolld women in lockdown to be Stepford wives. Elak pakai pakaian rumah. Bertatahias seperti biasa, bersolek dan berpakaian keSource: The Guardian