News That's Overshadowed Right Now

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Finding news that's not about the crisis feels increasingly like playing Where's Waldo. Which is a shame, because there's a lot of important and/or interesting things happening that have no connection to the pandemic.

Things like ...


AUSTRALIA'S BUSHFIRE SEASON, THE WORST ON RECORD, OFFICIALLY ENDED ON MARCH 31. On April 2, the first rescued koalas were released back into the wild.Source: The Independent, Al Jazeera


MALAYSIA PUT A DENT IN WILDLIFE SMUGGLING. On April 1, Malaysian law enforcement busted a pangolin smuggling ring and seized six tons of pangolin scalSource: Live Science


ANCIENT CHINESE NOBLEWOMEN PLAYED POLO ON DONKEYS. One of the polo donkeys' skulls Anthropologists found donkeys with odd leg bones in a noblewoman's Source:


THE U.S. NAVY IS DEPLOYING NEAR VENEZUELA TO FIGHT DRUG SMUGGLING. This involves warships, surveillance aircraft and ground troops, and it's one of thSource: AP News


THE YAKUZA IS SLOWLY DYING. On April 2, Japanese police announced that Yakuza membership fell for the 15th year in a row in 2019. There were 87,000 YaSource:


NASA IS FIGHTING LOCUST SWARMS IN AFRICA. Since December 2019, Africa's locust swarms grew huge thanks to unusual climate conditions, according to tSource:


THANKS TO A FEDERAL COURT RULING, THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE MIGHT CLOSE. Its current permits violate the National Environmental Policy Act, the courtSource: The Guardian


IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2020, GERMANY GOT OVER HALF OF ITS POWER FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES. That's the first time this happened, and it was thanks to recSource: Clean Energy Wire


RESEARCHERS FOUND OUT THAT ANTARCTICA USED TO LOOK LIKE THE AMAZON. In a 90-million-year old layer of a sediment core from West Antarctica, they foundSource: Live Science


NORTH MACEDONIA JOINED NATO AS ITS 30TH MEMBER, AND RUSSIA IS MAD. Neighboring Montenegro and Albania are already members, giving NATO a solid stronghSource: EURACTIV


SCIENTISTS SAY THAT, BY 2050, WE CAN FULLY HEAL THE DAMAGE WE'VE DONE TO THE OCEANS. A review in Nature found that many conservation efforts worldwideSource: The Guardian


A TEACHER WHO STOPPED A SUICIDE WILL GET THE CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR. Keanon Lowe disarmed a student who was about to shoot himself with a shotguSource: CNN