25 Mistakenly-Pictured Parts Of The World


Picture the Roman Pantheon. You got it in your head, right? A historical place, made centuries ago, a bit weathered yet still looking impressive and triumphant. Do you have that image in your head? The one instill in you from that one movie you saw that one time? Good. Now picture a McDonald's across the street.

Thanks to TV, movies, or our own dumb imaginations, we have a pretty inaccurate picture of what the world looks like. Thanks to Hollywood we can have an idealized version of certain monuments or other historical places. On the other hand, thanks to movie bias, a place that is considered small or dangerous is actually large or safer to live in real life.

That's why we asked our Cracked readers to shed some light on this planet we live on, and enlighten the unwashed masses. You'll be surprised to see what normalizing wonders they have found.

Entry by Quo

CRACKED The Trevi Fountain. The Italians must have built this cultural masterpiece in a space which is fitting for it. Obviously it would have to be i

Entry by Ted E.

NAPLES, Italy, is home to several historic masterpieces of sculpture and architecture. Unfortunately, city officials seem to be having a hard time. ke
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