Animals That (Eerily) Demonstrate Human-Like Behavior

Most people love animals, and not just for eating. And they love pointing out how much like people their own Mister Wigglebutt is. But it turns out that's not all that rare, in the animal kingdom.

A surprising number of animals habitually demonstrate almost human-like behavior, and even have eerily human qualities. And this is without dressing them up in homemade knitwear.

Entry by PookieJones

Cows have different accents, depending on which herd they belong to. CRACKED COM

Entry by Andrea Meno

Dogs dream like humans Like humans, they apparently perform waking activities (pointing at birds, chasing burglars, and so on) in their dreams. Scient

CRACKEDCON Some cats are allergic to humans. It's unusual, since people groom away most of their shed hair and skin. Ironically, cat allergies are usu

Entry by YappyDoo

Male kangaroos like to strike poses and show ofl their biceps to attract emale roos. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Andrea Meno

Grown chimps adopt orphans. Some scientists say only humans give help without expecting anything in return. But chimps in the wild take in unrelated b

Entry by WhiteCells

Elephants, like humans, are empathetic. Elephants can sense when other elephants are in distress and, in a similar way to humans, offer comfort throug

Entry by PookieJones

Pigeons can get superstitious. They will repeat an action that previously got them food even though the reward wasn't contingent on the action.


Dogs can be racist too! In a study from the University of Illinois Springfield, white caretakers reported their dogs displaying more positive behaviou

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKEDCON When playfighting, dolphins sort-of laugh, to signal everything is OK. There's a vocalization dolphins make during playfighting, but not

Entry by WhiteCells

Like humans, dogs have their own music preferences. Research shows that most dogs prefer listening to reggae and soft rock than to pop or classical mu

Entry by Kristina Yong

A spectrographic analysis in an experiment revealed that wild parrots name their young. To nullify the possibility of the babies' signature calls (nam

Entry by wafs

Some ant species raid rival colonies, murder the adults and enslave their offspring. CRACKED.COM

Entry by Andrea Meno

Sheep can recognize human faces.. They're not as good as humans, but they can do it. In one study, eight sheep recognized four celebs Cincluding Barac

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CRACKEDCO Dolphins mourn their dead seriously, hosting wakes that can last for days.


Veined octopuses have been observed carrying around coconut shells and using them as homes. The behavior of carrying around a form of shelter is not o

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CRACKEDOON AIpacas pee and POoP At the same spot like humans in a publis bathroom. When someone cleans the communal dung piles, they wait in line unti

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Pigeons can judge the quality of art. They need a brief introductory course from their trainers where they're shown examples of good and bad art. Once

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

So you thought humans were the only ones capable of building shrines. Chimpanzees in West Africa were discovered to toss rocks into tree cavities, cre

Entry by Maclise

Rats can develop sexual fetishes just like people. Researchers have been able to influence lab rats to be attracted to perfume and even rat lingerie

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Pigeons have a gambling habit, just like humans. In a study, eight pigeons were given two options: a key that dispensed 3 pellets 100% of the time and

Entry by Fermosalua3

We are not the only creatures to use a pretty rock to seal the deal. Male penguins try to give their partners the smoothest pebble they can get, as a

Entry by devonn

Dolphins check themselves can out in the mirror! Self-recognition was once thought to be a uniquely human ability, but new reasearch shows that baby d

Entry by YappyDoo

Japanese macaque monkeys flavor their foods and mount deers for transportation. Macaques add taste to their sweet potatoes by dipping them in saltwate

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Dogs judge people, too. In a 2015 study, dogs were observed as they watched people refusing to help their owners open a container. Most of the dogs re

Entry by LAJL

Calves need study buddies to learn faster. A study at the University of British Columbia found that calves housed in pairs were quicker at familiarizi


Horses have been known to self-harm. It's especially prevalent among stallions. CRACKED.COM

Entry by John Sherwood

GRACKED CON WASPS ARE MASTERS OF GEOMETRY. When building a nest, they use antennae to measure wall angles, creating rows of perfect hexagons. Their tr


CRACKEDC COM Vampire bats have been shown displaying human-like levels of altruism. If a member of a colony is having trouble finding food in the wild

Entry by Maclise

Wolves understand fairness, and take it seriously. In one experiment, wolves who pushed a button that gave them a terrible reward, but gave another wo

Entry by Kristina Yong

Chimps tickle one another for a laugh and sometimes laugh mockingly when their peers get clumsy. If any of that leads to a fight, they'll kiss and mak

Entry by Maclise

Mantis shrimp have great poker faces In territorial disputes, mantis shrimp will actively bluff by trying to initiate fights, especially if they're we

Entry by Kristina Yong

Chimpanzees really enjoy eating cooked food. When given a straight choice of cooked Vs raw potatoes, chimps in a study picked cooked potatoes about 90

Entry by Kristina Yong

Rats make a face when they feel pain... ...and get hurt when they recognize the look of pain on each other's faces. Their facial expressions are SO cl

Entry by Giovenna

When not nursing, baby elephants seek comfort from sucking their trunks just like how human newborns suck their thumbs and pacifiers. Some adult eleph