Fascinating Facts To Shore Up Your Brain

You never know when roving zombies that can only be stopped by teaching them new things will storm your house. Unlikely? Very, even by zombie invasion standards. Will it catch you unprepared? Hell no. We at Cracked have your back, and have curated this collection to add to your arsenal of random trivia when the time comes to fight for your life.

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Superman and Jared Fogle had the most cringeworthy crossover. RASSHH By FATIN 4BIYO SANDWCES ACTIVE DC Comics teamed up in with Subway in 2011 to publMore: 8 Ad Campaigns That Aged Like Garbage


A murder doctor was stopped by Scientologists. Harry Bailey's deep-sleep therapy was popular in Australia back in the '60s and'70s. It was also horrMore: 5 Of The Least Ethical Medical Experiments In Modern History


CRACKED COM Sheep grazed by the white House once. In 1918, with the U.S.A. newly entered into World War I, President Woodrow Wilson wanted to set the More: 5 Of The Most 'Wuh?' Facts History Class Never Covered


K1l 18584711 YS YOU can skip town to avoid paying Off your student loans. Due to a ttle-known tax break, you can reduce your payments while you're worMore: 6 Loopholes That Got Exploited With Zero Mercy