27 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Your Favorite Songs

Do you listen to song lyrics? No, of course you don't, you big poser. You're happy just banging your head to the banging beats, completely unaware that the song is about, say, banging.

Then again, what a song is saying isn't always clear, no matter how much attention you pay. So we put together a team of musicryptologists (that's totally a thing), who deciphered several chronically misunderstood lyrics for you:

Entry by Ted E.

CRACKED.co I SHOT THE SHERIFF isn't just Bob Marley saying f*ck the police. Every time I plant a seed He said kill it before it grow It's a song

Entry by scandata

27 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Your Favorite Songs

Entry by Red_Black

TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART is clearly about love. Once upon a time there was light in my life But now there's only love in the dark Love between v

Entry by whoiswillo

It's just another manic Monday 1 wish it was Sunday The Bangles MANIC MONDAY was written by Prince. The band's first hit was credited to one Chris


CRACKEDCOr So you think The Grateful Dead's CASEY JONES is for getting high? It's pretty much against it. Driving thattrrain Highoncocaine oncocain

Entry by Edvamp

CRACKED.COM What does SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT mean, exactly? Not even Kurt Cobain was too clear on that. Nirvana's frontman took the song's title fr

Entry by Lunachick71

CRACKED We were young and restless We needed to unwind Bryan Adams' SUMMER F'69 isn't about 1969. It's about... yes, that. A lot of people think

Entry by deadgardens

CRACKEDcO COM The Village People's MACHO MAN was intended to be serious. The French songwriters had no intention at all to be funny. The group took

Entry by SeltzerMoth

MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION was Paul Simon's first solo hit. And it's based on a Chinese food menu. Simon was browsing a menu for a Chinese restaurant

Entry by DoctorNemesis

CRACKEDcO COM Paul McCartney wrote HEY JUDE to comfort John Lennon's son, Julian. You have found her, now go and get her Lennon. thought it was ab

Entry by MinorShan

CRACKEDcO A girl can do what she wants to do And that's what I'm gonna do Joan Jett's BAD REPUTATION isn't simply an anthem for outcasts. It's abou

Entry by tusk1113

CRACKED CO Pink Floyd's WISH YOU WERE HERE is thought of as a tribute to founder Syd Barret. Did you exphange A walk on part in the war For a lead r

Entry by Scott Laffey

CRACKEDcO Martina McBride's INDEPENDENCE DAY is a staple in Fourth of July celebrations. They said he was a dangerous man But mama was proud and sh

Entry by tigonhawk

CRACKEDGOM This one goes out to the one I've left behind A simple prop tO occupy my time R.E.M.'S THE ONE LOVE is often dedicated to loved ones. Bu


CRACKEDCON But Rosie, you're all right (You wear my ring) Jackson hen you hold me tight (Rosie, that's my thing) Browne's ROSIE is a very sad ballad

Entry by Marconi Rebus

27 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Your Favorite Songs

Entry by lazyheretic

CRACKEDco Sly Fox's LET'S GO ALL THE WAY has to be about doin' it, right? Ah, we can make a better Way Let's go all the way NOPE. According to song

Entry by mkad

CRACKEDCON Lady Gaga's POKER FACE isn't about seduction (or playing poker). It's about hiding her bisexuality. No. he can't readmny poker face She

Entry by kpx985

Hall G Oates' RICH GIRL isn't about a girl at all. You can rely on the old man's money' It's about a guy. The spoiled brat in the lyrics was an ex-

Entry by Kevin King

Kendrick Lamar's SWIMMING POOLS (DRANK) instantly became a party anthem. Some people wanna fit in with the popular that was my problem But it's ag

Entry by MinorShan

CRACKEDGO You have heard Chic's LE FREAK with its clean lyrics. Aaann freak out! ee ireak, c'est Chic Originally, it went fxck off! In New Yea

Entry by bullamakanka

CRACKED GON Phil Collins' TAKE ME HOME isn't about going home. There's no point escaping I don't worry anymore It's about a patient in a mental ho

Entry by 404notfound

Is Heart's BARRACUDA about fish? No, it isn't. No right no wtong, you're selling a song, a name Whisper game It's a response to a sleazy publicity

Entry by whoiswillo

Theard that were talking shit you And yo didn't think that would hear it Gwen Stefani's HOLLABACK GIRL is a response to Courtney Love. Love had di

Entry by Scott Laffey

CRACKEDcO Metallica's THE GOD THAT FAILED isn't a call to Devil worship. Lhear faith in your cries Broken is the promise, betrayal It's about Jame

Entry by phire

CRACKEDCO COM Woody Guthrie's THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND is taken to be a patriotic song. As they stdod there hungry, I stood there asking Isthisland ma

Entry by SomerOf84

CRACKED.co The title of Lorde's ROYALS comes from baseball. No, the song is not secretly about sports- Lorde just saw the word on an old photo of ba