Simple Ways To Hack Your Body And Mind

Some things are sleek, streamlined, form elegantly following function. Not you. Your body and your brain are a jumble of repurposed parts and deprecated instincts, haphazardly put together by evolution while your ancestors were using them to stalk something, flee from something, or bone something. It's not a wonder that you're full of buttons that aren't supposed to be there, and that do stuff they shouldn't.

Sometimes, however, you can learn how to use those buttons to your advantage. Let us show you how to push a few:

Entry by Scott Laffey

BREATHE DEEPER TO LAST LONGER IN BED. Heavy breathing might be hot, but longer, deeper breaths will lower your heart rate, giving you more control ove

Entry by Avy Laarken

SNACKINGTOO MUCH? USE YOUR OTHER HAND. Snacking in front of the screen is a matter of habit. Switching to your non- dominant hand will stop you from u

Entry by gingerninja90

IN CASE OF TOOTHACHE, APPLY ICE TO YOUR HAND. Rubbing ice on the back of your hand, between your index finger and your thumb, has been shown to soothe

Entry by MinorShan

SLEEPTO LEARN BETTER. You can pick up any skill faster, either physical or intellectual, if you sleep for a few hours just after practicing. PDA F! CR

Entry by Naveldrop

DOING SUDOKU CAN GET THAT SONG OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Is an annoying tune playing on repeat in your mind? Engage your brain in a moderately challenging 285

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

START YOUR DAY DOING SOMETHING THAT YOU HATE. If you do your least-favorite task first thing in the morning, you'll perform better the rest of the day


ASTOOL CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR STOOL. Raising your feet while sitting on the toilet (with the help of, say, a children's stool) will straighten your dr

Entry by evilsarah

CHEWING GUM HELPS YOU READ FASTER. Keeping your mouth busy stops you from subvocalizing (sounding out words), increasing your reading speed.

Entry by AM Smiley

READING GLASSES NOT AT HAND? USE YOUR HAND INSTEAD. Making a tiny pinhole with your fingertips and looking through it will help your eyes focus for re

Entry by CZM

BREAK DOWN BIG PROJECTS INTO BITE-SIZED PIECES. Taking on a huge task is daunting - it's far less discouraging to just start with one small, attainabl

Entry by rantong

PLUG YOUR EARS TO HEAR BETTER. YES, REALLY. If the music is too loud, don't shout. Plugging your ears will reduce the noise and help you hear your fri

Entry by dritjon

CRACRED.CON APENCIL CAN BOOST YOUR MOOD. Putting a pencil in your mouth engages the muscles you use for smiling, tricking your brain into being a litt

Entry by gingerninja90

IF YOU NEED TO GO BAD, THINK ABOUT SEX. Dirty thoughts take up a good chunk of your mind's capacity, saving you some discomfort until you can find a b

Entry by Lunachick71

OK, WE WON'T ASK WHY YOU WANT TO TURN OFF YOUR GAG REFLEX. To do it, just squeeze your left thumb. It's not clear why this works, but hey, at least yo

Entry by Scott Laffey

STRESSED OVER A BIG TEST? WRITE THAT SH!T DOWN! According to research, students who jot down their emotions before taking an exam perform better than

Entry by dum-di-dum

CRACKEDGOM ROOT FOR YOURSELF. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT. Come on, you magnificent mofo, you've got this. It might seem silly, but research suggests that en

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

YOU CAN SCRATCH YOUR THROAT THROUGH YOUR EAR. Massaging your earlobe between your fingers causes a reflex in your throat, relieving the itch.

Entry by Avy Laarken

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS TO GET MOTIVATED. Research has shown that if you write a specific goal down, you are much more likely to achieve it.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Simple Ways To Hack Your Body And Mind

Entry by Ms.Zuneja

COUGH YOUR FEAR OF NEEDLES AWAY. Forcibly coughing while getting jabbed is effective in making the injection hurt less.

Entry by mand*

LISTEN WITH YOUR RIGHT EAR. Favor your right ear if you have trouble hearing whaT someone is saying, as it's better at picking up speech. CRACKEDCONT

Entry by Scott Laffey

SWEARING F*CKING WORKS! Don't hold back! Research has found that profanity helps you endure pain better.

Entry by Lunachick71

BRAIN FREEZE? USE YOUR TONGUE. Press your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth to make it warmer. The headache will go away.

Entry by ClockMaster

BEAT JET LAG WITH YOUR STOMACH. DRAGONAIR': A few days before traveling, start eating meals at the time you would at your destination. Having breakfas

Entry by phuhknees

CRACKED COM A SORE Looking at an injury backwards through WILL binoculars So it HURT looks smaller tells LESS IF your brain it doesn't hurt so much. I

Entry by pencupstapler

THIS IS HOW TO LOSE THAT UNWANTED BONER. Flex your thigh muscles, hold it, and release. It's unnoticeable and will divert blood flow from your shame t