Film- and TV-makers are onto us. They've figured out that fans love to pore over their creations frame by frame, looking for neat hidden stuff. And because we're all expecting amazing Easter eggs, they're getting more and more creative. There's split-second stuff that just melts your noodle because you know some person had to first think it up then painstakingly execute it - with no promise of reward. Ok, some promise because like we said, everybody's eagle-eyed for this stuff these days. 

Now if only Hollywood would apply that kind of zeal into original creations instead of just remaking every hit movie in existence. But that's really not going to happen, is it? Hell no it's not going to happen, ever.

But our readers are are always up for the Easter Egg challenge -- especially Amomaxia, who thought up this beauty. They took out their magnifying glasses and spotted the following Easter eggs:

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