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Movies and shows are all about relationships, of both the platonic and romantic variety. But the weird thing is, a lot of those friendships and romances make no sense, once you think about them. It's not just that some couples or besties have no future together. It's that they wouldn't even know each other, in the first place.

For example:

Entry by PookieJones

In Lucifer, Maze and Trixie become besties. The age difference should be obstacle enough in their friendship, but when you add in who they are - -Hell

Entry by Sonny Time

In Warm Bodies, R wins over Julie by shielding her from a fall. A few days earlier, R was a zombie and he ate Julie's boyfriend. Somehow that doesn't

Entry by PollyDarton

The fact that CRACKED c COM Eric and Donna stay together for the majority of the series makes no sense. That 7Os Show Yes Eric and Donna are neighbors

Entry by Sonny Time

Danny forced himself on Sandy twice. GREAE The first time with kissing. The second time, he fondled her breasts and pushed her down. Danny's advances

Entry by Gino Reyes

Jonathan and Nancy from Stranger Things are only a couple because they experienced something traumatic together. Before that, he was her stalker and t

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