Dark Humor Jokes From Unexpected Sources

Including this terrifying bit from Ronald Reagan at the height of the Cold War: ‘My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes’

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30 Common Believed Things About Famous Art, Debunked

30 Common Believed Things About Famous Art, Debunked

A lot of people misunderstand art. That includes us.  For example, did you know you aren't supposed to touch the paintings at the museum? You are supposed to buy them first?? C'mon who has that kind of cash? The fact is, we can't resist writing about this topic. Whether it be our  contemporary takes on classic art, mind blowing discoveries about famous art we just made or the explanations behind famous artwork.

We all know insufferable people who claim to understand Art with a capital A, and who deliver condescending lectures to the rest of us. But the thing is, sometimes the thing people commonly believe about famous art stuff is objectively wrong.

We wanted to explore things people commonly misunderstand. For example, we never would have guessed the real relationship between the iconic duo in the classic ‘American Gothic’ painting.

Here's your chance to turn the tables and be the insufferable one, for a change.

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