19 (Debunked) Misconceptions About Hit Movies & Shows

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People tend to associate certain movies and shows with one or two specific things. Captain Kirk had a ton of sex with alien women. George Costanza was lonely and undateable. Etc. And sometimes those people are absolutely wrong.

Getting things right is pretty much our jam, so we asked our readers to do some research and debunk the most common assumptions about popular movies and shows.


We remember Seinfeld as being the quintessential show about nothing, but it often had long-running storylines. ABEL Season Four, for instance, was abo

When you think of Game Of Thrones, you think of gratuitous nudity, right? Think Again. Although wandering nudes and graphic sex were common during Sea

Entry by mwjr

Romantic? Yes. But Casablanca is also a masterpiece of World War I propaganda. Warner Brothers produced the film following a pro-war rubric outlined b

Entry by Busteq

Pikachu is actually pretty damn weak. Every two seasons or So he gets his ass kicked by some unevolved, inconsequential chump. Makes you wonder why Te

Entry by Kalli

Sherlock Holmes doesn't always win. The Great Detective usually solves the mysteries, but not always in time to prevent a crime or catch the bad guy.

Entry by LAJL

CRACKEDOON The name Mad Hatter wasn't given by Lewis Carroll. In fact, the book simply calls him the hatter. In JCNA The term mad as a hatter ca

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED.COM You probably thought Tim Burton was the one who directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, but he only contributed the concept of the film t

Entry by LAJL

CRACKEDcO That 70s Show Fez's nickname isn't derived from his real name. It's an abbreviation of foreign exchange student, with the s replaced by

Entry by Michael Voll

Much of the humor of the office comes from how, as a manager, Michael Scott is an incompetent buffoon. CETIRICATEO AENT MPEKS 1997 MICHAEL G SCOTT Peo


R H. POTTER. the S'tairs, The Cupboard wnder Privet DRive. 4, Little Whinging. SURREY It's a misconception that witches and wizards receive their Hogw


r Oldd oohololol SpongeBob Squarepants Squidward is an octopus, not a squid. He doesn't have eight legs because it's easier to draw him with six.

Entry by PollyDarton

CRACKED C COM Friday. Everyone remembers the 1995 weed-infused buddy comedy as light, silly fun... but the last half hour of the movie takes a pretty


People complain about the Dragon Ball Z formula of having Goku beaten, somehow powering up, then beating the bad guy in a rematch. This never happened

Entry by Andrea Meno

The Pink Panther wasn't the name of a character in the 1963 movie. PINK THE PANTHER It was the name of a big pink diamond with a flaw in the shape of

Entry by LAJL

SFURAISUS FURIOUS Vin Diesel isn't in all of the Fast & Furious movies. He turned down 2 Fast 2 Furious, and only made a brief cameo at the end of The

Entry by Andrea Meno

Sopranos TKe Tony Soprano is Boss of the DIMEO crime family. There is no Soprano crime family. CRACKEDCO COM


Game of Thrones does not take place in The Kingdom of Westeros. The Alwars Land Winter of The Castle Black Winterfell North The Braavos Westeros King'

Entry by Scott Laffey

Think it was odd that the Professor on Gilligan's Island could build a Geiger counter out of coconuts but never even tried to just patch the Minnow? A

Entry by Kristina Yong

It's often believed that Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th used a chainsaw as a murder weapon... ...but he never- not even once used a chainsaw in t