Great Follows That Will Restore Your Faith In Social Media

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There are a shit-ton of social media accounts out there, and let's face it, your time is limited. Nobody wants to waste their time following garbage accounts that aren't worth the time it takes to read their posts. Or watch their videos. Or insta their grams. As the kids say. So we asked our readers to come up with some social media accounts that are actually worth following.

And we added links, to make it easy.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKEDCO Looking to follow a parody account that gives you a sense of schadenfreude? BLOCKBUSTER The Last Blockbuster VIDEO (@loneblockbuster) excelsLink: The Last Blockbuster's Twitter Account

Entry by WhiteCells

Syahril Ramadan hilariously edits himself into pictures of celebrities and his works are So seamless that they look convincingly real. srdesignart FolLink: Syahril Ramadan's Instagram Account


For truly bizarre posts of fake products being placed in stores, check out Obvious Plant on Facebook. TTEOUSIOS Funeral Kazoo &marsing HELLIS AGTUALLYLink: Obvious Plant's Facebook Page


Li Ziqi creates cinematic videos depicting her life in the Chinese countryside. In these videos she methodically prepares meals, makes clothing, buildLink: Liziqi's YouTube Channel

NEW HOLLA D onnnt 18721.15 000 Follow Sam Neill Sam Neill is an @TwoPaddocks absolutely great Twitter follow. Tweets Tweets & replies Media Likes * PiLink: Sam Neill's Twitter Account

Entry by Kristina Yong

The Instagram account 9osanxiety gives its followers a blast from the past with cool celebrity photos from the '90s. JENNIFER ANISTON BRAD LEONARDO Link: Nineties Anxiety's Instagram Account

Entry by PollyDarton

Do yourself a favor and follow The Iron Sheik on Twitter. Pinned Tweet The Iron Sheik @the_ironsheik TAKE A MINUTE OF YOUR DAY TO BE NICE TO SOMEONE YLink: The Iron Sheik's Twitter Account

Entry by Andrea Meno

Terrible Maps @TerribleMaps Average jeans colour per US state UNITED STATES AVERAGE JEANS COLOR PER STATE, 2018 Terrible Maps lives up to its name, buLink: Terrible Maps' Twitter Account

Entry by Phighter

Rep. Devin Nunes is suing a fake cOw for defamation. That cOw is @DevinCow. The account has called Nunes a treasonous cowpoke CGRACKEDCDN and udderLink: Devin Nunes' Cow's Twitter Account

Entry by Gareth

A lot of the memes your older friends and family members share on Facebook are going to be poorly designed, poorly researched, and fairly bigoted. LETLink: Cropped Boomer's Facebook Page

Entry by DingDongKun

CRACKED COM If you love statistics, you will love the subreddit /r/DatalsBeautiful. Paths of 800 unmanned bicycles being pushed until they fall over ULink: Data Is Beautiful's Subreddit

Entry by Andrea Meno

If you like the idea of a spiritual point of view that's progressive and isn't CRACKEDco trite, check out Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. Rabbi Danya RuttenbeLink: Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg's Twitter Account

Entry by LAJL

If you want to learn about how Ian Mckellen acts with his eyes, or why Bruno Mars' 24K Magic makes you feel like dancing, give the Nerdwriter a go oLink: Nerdwriter1's YouTube Channel

Entry by Gareth

For a wholesome take on truck culture, follow @big truckmemes on instagram. UTRUCKER It's a kickass blend of toughness and solidarity for the next geLink: Big Truck Memes' Instagram Account

Entry by Kalli

If you enjoy your nature program commentary to be a little earthy, you'll enjoy Ze Frank's YouTube channel OTrue facts. The mantis shrimp is a liLink: Ze Frank's YouTube Channel


@simpscreens tweets a random frame from The Simpsons every 30 minutes. It's a nostalgic treat you didn't realize you needed. Simpsons Screens @simpscrLink: Simpsons Screens' Twitter Account

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKEDOON 100% nice @internetHippo Broke up with my ex because she was choosing Pokemon based on cuteness instead of battle ability, an embarrassing Link: Internet Hippo's Twitter Account

Entry by Andrea Meno

Want a feed of social media comments posted by celebs? ir JL Frangois BON HF 1887 Geneve 25ANN Fr RITIC manrepeller @zendaya's sculpted chest piece frLink: Comments By Celebs' Instagram Account

Entry by ChidubemOvute

CRACE There's actually a Subreddit that posts pictures of real life objects that are penis-like r aK U aok An ara pur 30 Kaoe 'ueun ou SUUY 0 19 wO4 NLink: Mildy Penis's Subreddit


Posing with my Hardest Working Comedian of 2019 trophy OIM T STENTS while doing f*ck IN OT FT R TH. PARL DNG all and watching Netflix... Lost Voice Link: Lost Voice Guy's Instagram Account

Entry by Kristina Yong

Ever seen a magic trick that stunned you speechless? YouTube channel 'FactoFusion holds the answers to your unspoken WTF! Their insightful videos exLink: FactoFusion's YouTube Channel

Entry by DingDongKun

Great Follows That Will Restore Your Faith In Social MediaLink: ElectroBOOM's YouTube Channel

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED cO my. _gym. dad is a cute Instagram account... ...which mostly features a young gymnast's dad trying 15 (unsuccessfully) to repeat her gymnasLink: Alex and Ash's Instagram Page

Entry by Andrea Meno

Art of Lost and Cancelled Media posts unused, unreleased stuff from big media franchises. + 000 Following Art of Lost and Cancelled Media @ArtofLostanLink: Art of Lost and Cancelled Media's Twitter Account

Entry by Kristina Yong

Great Follows That Will Restore Your Faith In Social MediaLink: Christiaan van Heijst's Instagram Account

Entry by PollyDarton

PEOPLE MATCHING ARTWORKS t Photographer Stefan Draschan visits museums and patiently waits for serendipitous moments where museum patrons resemble theLink: People Matching Artworks' Tumblr Page