Bizarre Foreign Ripoffs Of Iconic Movies And Shows

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Everyone loves a big Hollywood blockbuster. But it turns out there's a dark underbelly of the film industry, with hacks and zero budget backroom operations trying to make money off big-deal entertainment. The results of their work are amazing, in the way that horrible natural disasters are amazing.

For example:


In the Turkish E.T. ripoff Badi, the alien is a terrifying abomination. Not on purpose, though. It's just that the budget was so low, Badi ended up lo


Georgia ripped off The Simpsons and barely bothered to disguise it. The Samsonadzes pretty much swiped the core of The Simpsons and put a new name on.


To cash in on The Princess and the Frog hype, somebody made a lazy, innuendo-loaded ripoff. The Frog Prince is about a frog dishing out lies to get la


Turkey's Demir Yumruk Devler Geliyor combines Batman and Superman into one bizarre character. The movie has SuperBatman fight Fu Manchu, a supervillai


Uganda's answer to The Expendables makes the original look like French arthouse cinema. Operation Kakongoliro! has virtually no plot. It's just a coll


In the Indonesian knockoff Mr. Bean movie, Bean is a ghost who has to escape Indonesian hell. There was an uproar after the movie's release, as audien


The USSR had its own, more hardass version of Winnie the Pooh. In the shameless ripoff Vinni Pukh, from 1969, comrade Pukh has a voice that sounds lik


Operation Kid Brother stars Sean Connery's brother Neil as James Bond's brother. Both Bond and Sean Connery exist in the world of this '60s Italian kn


Bee Movie knock-off Plan Bee is a weird combination of political themes and sexual subtext. The plot is about a beehive rising up against a tyrannical


Ever wanted a mashup of Charlotte's Web and Babe? No? Well, Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale exists anyway. The Hunter S. Thompson-esque plot is about a pig


GoodTimes Entertainment's business model was making bad copies of Disney movies. They made their own animated movies based on public domain stories be


A Car's Life is an aggressively nonsensical Pixar ripoff. The movie is about rebellious teenage car Sparky and his female car friend. She eventually g


If you took Cars and stripped out all the charm, but added bad innuendo, you'd get Little Cars. Somehow, the filmmakers thought a cheap Cars copy for


The fake Bruce Lee flick The Dragon Lives Again also has a knockoff of... Popeye. After Bruce Lee's 1973 death came a flood of Bruceploitation movie


Titanic: The Animated Movie is a garbled cash grab, made up of stolen parts. The movie indiscriminately ripped characters from other cartoons, like 10


With Future Cops, China managed to out-crazy the Street Fighter movie. The plot? In 2043, a knockoff of Street Fighter bad guy M. Bison gets the death


Italy has its own Batman porn parody. In 1982's Bath-man dal pianeta Eros, Bathman is an alien from the planet Eros who teams up with masturbating sid


Hamas ripped off Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse for its propaganda. In the Hamas TV show Tomorrow's Pioneers, Farfour (AKA Mickey) and Assud (AKA Bugs),