Wild Ways Famous People Get (And Stay) Rich

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Everyone knows celebrities are rich, but have only a vague understanding of how they earn their money. It seems like something people ought to know about, so we asked our readers to dig into the numbers and find out exactly how famous folks get (and stay) rich.

Here's what they discovered.

Entry by Andrea Meno

Ariana Grande makes $996,000 per Instagram post. That's an estimate by the company behind Instagram scheduling tool Hopper HQ (based on their internal

Entry by PollyDarton

The Chainsmokers get rich with the help of binge drinkers. 52/50 In 2019 the DJ duo made $46 million through concert sales, record sales, and varied

Mariah Carey makes nearly half a million dollars a year for AII Want for Christmas Is You. CIIRISTM SISTMASTA ASTIME f PAUL MEEARINIY And Paul McCar

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Francis Ford Coppola bought himself a winery in Napa Valley with the money he made from The Godfather. According to the legendary director, his winery

Entry by Megamind18

CRACKEDC CON Kate Hudson's athleisure range Fabletics has an annual revenue of $300 million dollars with 1.4 million active members. Her brand current


J.K. Rowling was paid an estimated $60 million (minimum) just for the rights to build The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks.

Entry by K. Haeg

In 1994, George Foreman was approached by a corporate attorney about becoming the spokesperson for a new electric grill. Foreman was uninterested. Six

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Robert De Niro owns three high-end restaurants in New York City. One of his restaurants, Tribeca Grill, has won the Wine Spectator Award for its wine

Entry by LAJL

GRAGKEDCO COM GOOOAMERICAN Khloe Kardashian's Good American denim brand made a million dollars on its launch day.

Entry by Andrea Meno

CRACKEDc COM FA SPORTS. SHAUN ALEXANDER Seaetle Seabaks MADDEN Electronic Arts pays sportscaster John Madden $2 million a year to call their NFL game

Entry by DingDongKun

CRACKED COM Celebrities rake in serious cash when slot machine companies release personality-themed games. JACKPOT SCOT MEACHINE Madonna reportedly ea


By 2021, Hollywood hunk Josh Duhamel will have been paid over $1 million to appear in cheesy ads for North Dakota. ASAOASRALSZSR USR W CRACKED CON

Entry by wafs

Donald Trump has made over $59 million licensing his name to developers. He never puts up a cent. He just gets paid to slap his name across the front

Entry by Andrea Meno

Jennifer Lopez made $2.6 billion dollars in revenue from her perfumes. She launched her first perfume in 2002 and, in 2019, launched her 25th. CRACKED

Entry by K. Haeg

A-list celebrities are paid small fortunes to wear designer dresses and jewelry at red carpet events. Celebrity stylist Jessica Paster has confirmed t

Entry by wafs

15 50 Cent 82 used his Twitter 6.52 to pump a 7.54 worthless penny 5 4.63 stock he owned. 8 54.64 15.95 5 .85 4 51.85 156.107 85.32 It rose by about 5

Entry by wafs

Pat Riley has made over a million bucks from his ownership of the word, Three-peat. The former Lakers coach trademarked the phrase in 1989 while pur

Entry by LAJL

Kylie Cosmetics - a beauty line by Kylie Jenner took only 18 months to make $420 million after it launched in 2015 1.000.001 M5870032610 M58700326194

Entry by scandata

MICHAEL JORDAN earns $100 million a year from his Nike royalties alone. That's more money per year than he earned during his entire NBA career ($90 mi

Entry by Andrea Meno

Ellen DeGeneres' mobile game Heads Up! raked in $26 million.. Heads Up! It spent four years in a row as the most popular paid game in Apple's App Stor

Entry by K. Haeg

During her playing career, Russian tennis professional Anna Kournikova earned $10 million per year in endorsements. Kournikova never won a professiona


Each of the Friends still earns 20 million dollars a year just from the show's reruns.

Entry by LAJL

CRACKEDcO Kim Kardashian released a coffee table book of her selfies in 2015. Titled Selfish, it has sold over 100,000 copies and has been reprinted s