Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Facts

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In a stunning development, it turns out there's a new Star Wars movie about to drop. And that means diehard fans are about to ooze out of the woodwork and bury you in "actuallys." But it doesn't have to be that way. We're here to bump up your Star Wars game with a fat stack of facts that are not only impressive, but they're interesting.

And if the hardcore fans in your life don't know them, well that's just gravy.


Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Facts


The Mandalorian's rifle is straight out of the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. The titular character's weapon of choice is an Amban phase-pulse blaste


George Lucas kept giving his children (awful) prequel cameos. His son Jett played a Padawan slain during Order 66. His two daughters each had several


The Emperor was originally portayed by a woman... with chimpanzee eyes. 78-year-old Marjorie Eaton played the Sith lord in the original 1980 release o


A rare Boba Fett action figure just sold for over $185,000. The record sale was for the J-slot Rocket-Firing prototype, which was never released due t


The Emperor's throne in The Rise of Skywalker is not a new design. The stone chair with claw-like outcroppings is based on a Ralph McQuarrie concept s


Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Facts


Han Solo was frozen because Harrison Ford didn't want to come back. Unlike his costars, Ford did not sign up for two sequels after Star Wars was a hit


Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Facts


David Prowse casually guessed that Darth Vader was Luke's father. The actor spoiled the plot twist of The Empire Strikes Back on at least two occasion


The actress who provided the voice for Boushh had only one other speaking role. And it was a big one. The -voiced Pat Welsh was discovered in a camera


Christian Bale was almost in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Bale was in talks to play Han's mentor Tobias Beckett, an offer he called very tempting. The r


Toto's lead singer helped write the Yub Nub song. Joe Williams wrote the English lyrics for Ewok Celebration and the Jabba's palace number Lapti


Mark Hamill found a David Bowie review inside a Dewback. In what might be the ultimate Easter egg, the actor said he crawled inside a Dewback while fi


Han Solo's snow jacket was brown, not blue. The coat the Rebel pilot dons on Hoth is often mistaken for navy blue due to lighting. Even the toy compan


Star Wars cost Mark Hamill a chance at the lead role in Amadeus. Hamill, who had experience playing the part on stage, really wanted to audition for t


Rogue One totally ripped off an MS-DOS video game. The film's plot mirrors that of 1995's Star Wars: Dark Forces. A spy and a criminal, one of whom ha


Rian Johnson briefly considered bringing Lando Calrissian back for The Last Jedi. The director revealed he contemplated different ways to include the


The Death Star spent years in a country bar. After being abandoned in storage, the original prop found its way to an antique store, where it was scoop


Michael Jackson really wanted to play Jar-Jar Binks. NICRS At a concert, George Lucas introduced Ahmed Best to Jackson as Jar-Jar, after which the K


Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Facts


Samuel L. Jackson's lightsaber is unique in more ways than one. Not only did he convince George Lucas to break canon and allow the lightsaber to be pu