Celebs Who Are Not In Touch With Reality

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Famous people are just like regular, people, right? They just had some lightning-strike moment where their work or their social media just happened to catapult them into the zeitgeist. But otherwise, they're just like us, right?

As it turns out, nope. Celebrities like these are looking at reality in the rear-view mirror, and flooring the gas pedal.

Entry by ceelo_purple

SALMA HAYEK'S CHILDREN. CAN BE SUCH A HANDFUL. You have to work very hard to please them all, Hayek was quoted as saying in 2014. If you are making


MARIAH CAREY LOVES WHITE THINGS. According to co-star Rob Huebel, while on set for her cameo in The House, Carey demanded her trailer be filled with w

Entry by scandata

OPRAH WINFREY has forgotten how to use a gas pump I haven't pumped gas since 1983 Naano SUR INLEADEN On a road trip with BFF Gayle King, a stranger

DARNELL DOCKETT Follow addockett Aye @ KatherineWebb hit me (240) when game over, lets go to wing stop then King of diamond, CRACKED.COM KTORETS LIRES

Entry by Scott Laffey

ALICIA SILVERSTONE THINKS YOU CAN JUST STOP WORKING. In her book The Kind Mama, Silverstone suggests you should take one year off work to be with your

Entry by Scott Laffey

Sienna Miller defended her cigarette habit, saying, I think the more positive approach you have to smoking, the less harmful it is. Because that's h

Entry by PookieJones

Kenneth Cole hijacked the #Cairo hashtag to promote the new collection. During the 2011 riots in Egypt, he tweeted: Millions are in uproar in #Cairo.

Entry by PookieJones

It's been a while since Bill Gates went grocery shopping. m BUL'S GROCERY BILS Biins GROCERYBILLS somA Ellen DeGeneres asked him to estimate the price

Entry by PollyDarton

Cher has a pretty wacky, emoji filled Twitter feed... Cher @cher Is this mom ? 7:06 PM Jan 3, 2013. Tweetbot for iOs 2.2K Retweets 1.7K Likes but this

Entry by PedroH

Spike Lee was sued by an elderly couple from Florida after he incorrectly retweeted their address as that of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman,


ET VAULT Whenever Bill Cosby would be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, he'd request that they send the same reporter and that she wear orange.

Entry by LAJL

CRACKED.OOM Kevin Jonas live-tweeted his wife Danielle giving birth. kevin jonas Follow @kevinjonas Here we go we're pushing!!!! #babyjonas 8:42 AM Fe

Entry by LAJL

On the set of future flop The Canyons, producer Braxton Pope claims that Lindsay Lohan demanded that he and all the other crew on set strip naked for

Entry by mkad

PATRICK STEWART DIDN'T KNOW YOU CAN GET A SINGLE SLICE OF PIZZA. Sir Patrick was 72 when he learned that you can order just a slice rather than a whol

Entry by LAJL

CRACKEDcO COM Stephen A Smith Follow @stephenasmith TAke a look, y'all: IMG_4346.jpeg 7:15 PM-26 May 2015 79.230 Retweets 89.758 Likes 1.3K t2 79K 90K

Entry by LAJL

In early 2019, Keegan-Michael Key and Sarah Hyland were duped into giving their tickets for an exclusive Golden Globes GRAUI party to a tall white ma

Entry by Kristina Yong

Lady Gaga's 2010 rider made it clear that at least 30 minutes before her performance at any venue, all bars in the whole building would be banned from

Entry by Gareth

Minecraft creator Markus Notch Persson proved that his expertise in digital biomes doesn't translate into the real world when he tweeted this about

Entry by Kristina Yong

CRACKED COM When Iggy Azalea unexpectedly cancelled her entire Great Escape tour in 2015, she blamed it on having a creative change of heart and pra

Entry by Kristina Yong

Danish film director Lars von Trier made some intolerable statements about Hitler at the 2011 Cannes film festival. I understand Hitler... I sympat

Entry by Gareth

David Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, tweeted this threat to employees considering unionizing: Dave Portnoy @stoolpresidente If you work for @bar

Entry by ERRiley

CRACKEDco Lauryn Hill Has a great excuse for showing up late to her concerts. In 2016, Hill took to Facebook to let her fans know that when she is lat

Entry by dritjon

TYRESE GIBSON THOUGHT THAT PANDORA RADIO WAS A FAN. Tyrese tweeted his thanks in 2011 to this Pandora girl who seemed to like his stuff SO much. #Visi

Entry by Andrea Meno

Martha Stewart told her daughter that, if her husband is rich but ugly, she shouldn't have his kid. Stewart said she should have a hot guy's kid and r

Entry by Kevin King

Celebs Who Are Not In Touch With Reality

Entry by AmyanBridi

In 2016, Cardi B recorded an Instagram video in which she admitted to drugging and robbing men to survive. When the video resurfaced in 2019, comparis

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 1988, Leonard Cohen hired trusted friend Kelley Lynch to help him manage personal affairs, and eventually made her his manager. While he stayed in

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Got into a big fight with your boyfriend? Gwyneth Paltrow advises you to bury your anger... and then give him a blowjob. CRACKED COM

Entry by Andrea Meno

Miranda Kerr loves leech facials. They work this way: leeches suck blood from your face, then you smear the blood around. I think that leech facials

Entry by woweewow

LAUREN SANTO DOMINGO NEVER WASHES HER OWN HAIR. We're not saying that Santo Domingo's hair is ever dirty. She's an editor at Vogue- -you'll never see

Entry by LAJL

CRACKEDc COM Justin Follow @justinbieber i love arm 11:26 AM Jan 2012 93.496 Retweets 72.123 Likes I couldn't stop wondering whether he meant the left