23 Horror Movie Moments That Happened IRL

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Horror movies don't come from nowhere -- they're usually based on some vaguely-similar real-life event, and then cranked up to 11 on the disturb-o-meter. But sometimes real life comes out of the gate with something that's 100 percent horror-movie-level creepy. No cinematography required.

For example ...

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 2017, bloodthirsty rabid bats swarmed the Brazilian city of Salvadorat night. Since bat saliva acts as a topical painkiller, their victims only rea

Entry by Maclise

A pair of masked strangers stalked a group of film students who were making a movie. Instead of starring in the next found-footage horror film, the st

Entry by AmyanBridi

For years, there were tales of a faceless ghost haunting Pennsylvania's Route 315, but it turned out to be a real person. Charlie No Face, whose real

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Buzzing in a bedroom was coming from inside the wall. A couple in Spain heard a strange buzzing noise that kept them up at night. So they decided to h

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

A Canadian couple got the shock of their lives when their baby monitor mm began to play 2.8 a creepy tune and a voice came through telling them that t

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Nearly 60 birds fell from the sky in a suspected mass poisoning in South Australia Not only that, but they were screaming and bleeding out of their ey

Entry by Maclise

Restorers found that this Jesus statue from a small town in Mexico looked a little too realistic. Turns out the statue was made with real human teeth.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

A family in Modesto, California was trying to bury their pet in their backyard when they accidentally uncovered the remains of a human. The identity o

Entry by LAJL

Three families in Tacoma, Washington have been stalked by Restricted, named based on the caller ID that showed up when he called them. The stalker w

Entry by Ann Jimenez

664 LANI prion iNGo In 2019, contractors were moving freezer units in a supermarket when they found a dead body. NO FRILLS NETPERLMARKIT NTLINCE EIT D

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

A woman nearly ate a razor blade that was hidden in her Burger King salad. Fortunately, she spotted it in time and made a complaint to the manager. Tu

Entry by Andrea Meno

A super-fungus, Candida auris, has started spreading in hospitals in the last few years. It's very hard for labs to identify, and it's immune to commo

Entry by PollyDarton

After being dismissed by doctors saying she was suffering from allergies, a woman with a chronic runny nose was found to actually be LFNKINP BRAIN FLM

Entry by Maclise

Boston construction workers found these two masks buried in 60-year-old concrete... one week before Halloween. Officials are unsure how the masks got

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

MIT has CRACKEDc created COM a psychopathic Al. The Al, which is named Norman (after the killer in Psycho), was shown gruesome images from the darke


Being hung upside down for ages would be horrible. In 2018, it happened to 64 people in Japan when a roller coaster stopped while upside down. For two

Entry by Maclise

A boy's story about a man with a light at his window wasn't just a story. The boy's parents assumed he was having nightmares... until they found foo

Entry by Julioceg

A HOUSE IN ILLINOIS WAS SO INFESTED BY GERMAN COCKROACHES THAT IT HAD TO BE BURNED DOWN. Firefighters set controlled a burn and started with ring of a


Vengeful crows have been frequently attacking a man in India for the past 3 years. Shiva Kewat claims that 3 years ago he tried and failed to save an

Entry by PollyDarton

A7-year-old boy in India recently had CRAth 526 TEETH REMOVED The record breaking amount of various sized teeth were found inside a tumor in the boy's

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

It's raining fish monsters! In 2015, Alaska's Department of Fish and Game received some reports from residents who had live lampreys falling They are

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 2018, almost 1,000 feet of a beach in Greece covered cRAGh was in spiderwebs. Tetragnatha spiders weave these webs every year during their mating s

Entry by Maclise

China's first astronaut says he heard something knock on his spaceship. Yang Liwei was alone in space when he heard the mysterious knocking, which he