33 Hateable Things In Beloved Movies & Shows

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Love is blind, and that's especially true when it comes to entertainment. Once you love a movie or show, your brain instantly blocks out any flawed moments (presumably by loudly singing the theme song). But nothing's perfect, so we asked our readers to remove the blinders and take a hard, critical look at their favorite movies and shows.

And as it turns out, there's almost always something they not only disliked, but actually hated about shows and movies they loved. For example:

Entry by PookieJones

Everybody Loves Raymond was a great show. Except for Debra's deteriorating She starts arc. out as the most relatable and lovable character but, as sea


33 Hateable Things In Beloved Movies & Shows

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

MARVEL CIAL CAPTAIN AMERICA certainly lives up to the hype, but I don't like how the film shoehorned in Ant-Man and Spider-Man. They have no reason no

Entry by TedStixon

30 ROCK is one of the best sitcoms ever made. It's whimsical and wonderful. But I hate how the brilliant background joke of Kenneth the Page possibly

Entry by science-pit

CRACKEDOON the BiGBANG THEORY I've watched the show since the beginning and genuinely enjoyed it. However, the group's treatment of Sheldon's OCD alwa

I love the original -GHOSTBUSTERS. It's a great movie. Except for Winston. He's a tacked-on, completely flat character who serves no purpose. CRACKED.

I really FROM THE AUTHOR OF JURASSIC PARK AND THE DIRECTOR OF DIE HARD enjoyed the 1998 film The 13th Warrior. A fantastical retelling of Beowulf th

Entry by TedStixon

Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT is a personal favorite. It's arguably the best superhero movie ever. But the editing is quite poor at times. Like

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKEDCON MARVEL THOR Darcy Lewis seems to be designated as the quirky comic relief in this stellar superhero flick, but she just comes off as annoyi


SOUTH PARK BIGGER, LONGERTUCUT I've loved this movie since childhood but dislike the parts that take place in hell. They're unfunny and detract from t

Entry by PookieJones

CRACKED.OON is amazing Psych an show. Except for the Juliet's dads subplots. Her biological father is a conman and her stepdad has a gambling proble

Entry by science-pit

PERSONS OF INTEREST This great show with an intriguing premise was ruined for me after trying to force a previously non- existent love relationship be

Entry by Vincent Pall

Seinfeld is perhaps mY all-time favorite sitcom. Every single character-both recurring and one-offs is funny and memorable. Except Seinfeld himself, w


CRACKEDCON Blade Runner 2049 is a cyberpunk masterpiece... BUT ITS RUNTIMEIS ABYSMAL The movie is extremely slow-paced, which makes its 164 minutes fe


Parks and Recreation It's an amazing show but the worst aspect is Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt). He tries too CRAC hard to be funny and I find his antics p

Entry by Julioceg

I get that Goku is the star of the Dragon Ball Anime SERies, but I hate that Vegeta has been humiliated over the years in his shadow. Vegeta should ha

Entry by Ann Jimenez

33 Hateable Things In Beloved Movies & Shows

Entry by Gareth

The Last Jedi is one of the better Star Wars movies. crath But the pacing is uneven. It was a little jarring to go from a pitched battle to a chase, w

Entry by Gareth

New Girl was a refreshing update of the young singles in the city concept, particularly because it avoided the uncomfortable elements that plagued F


APP'LS FRASIER I hate the supernatural episodes they occasionally did. They were creepy and depressing affairs which butchered the shOW'S grounded nat

Entry by Julioceg

The Kill Bill films are great, and I love the martial arts fights that the Bride has against the women of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, but no

Entry by BenJFG25

BOJACKiC HORSEMAN Bojack Horseman is one of my favorite shows, but 0O don't like that the Vietnamese American character Diane is played by the white A

Entry by RealChemical

Grey's Anatomy prides itself in having strong, smart and independent women on their staff. Doctors that young girls can look up to. However, what bugs


BEN-HUR It's an epic and powerful classic. But I think Charlton Heston's unconvincing acting brings it down a few notches.


CRACKED I CAN NEVER WATCH THE LORDOF THE RINGS MOVIES ENOUGH TIMES. But the undercurrent that Men of Gondorian stock are better and nobler than those

Entry by TedStixon

I adore 2017's IT. It would have been It's a great, fun scarier if he looked horror flick. But like a regular clown. I hate the over- It's the one thi

Entry by PookieJones

Rick and Morty would be the perfect show CRAUN if Rick's belching  B weren't SO nauseating. SP-@NSTI52 SANCHEZ RICK S8S6245 -ls:psrte SMITH


CRACKEDc COM I love CUEEE but I hate HYPERCUBE that the ending took us out of the cube for the first time in the franchise. The mystery of the situati

Entry by TedStixon

E! pre think So: ulle COMMUNITYI is my favorite sitcom of all time. It's sharp, clever and well-written. But I hate the way Chang, a funny character,


AVENGERS: ENDGAME ISA PERFECT CULMINATIONOF THE MCU. But I hated how Thanos was turned into a generic villain. In Infinity War, Thanos is calm, wise,


Parks and Recreation holds up incredibly well today. EXCEPT FORLOUIS C.K.'S STINTO The fact that he accuses someone else of being a pervert in his fir

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

MARVE STLOIS SPIDER-MAN Far From Home As much as I love this movie, I hate the... New Tony Stark direction of it. Spider-Man should be a working cla


UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT is a hilarious comedy show, with a perfect cast. Well, almost perfect. One character that falls flat is Mike. The actor play