25 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved, Unexplained, & Unsettling

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The better we get at technology, the fewer mysteries there are in the world. Which makes it all the more impressive that there are still a ton of mysteries that experts are still scratching their heads over.

And we're not talking about the run-of-the-mill "where are my car keys" type of mysteries. There are truly disturbing, cold-sweat-worthy mysteries that professionals are still shrugging over and tossing into their "hell if I know" files. Like...

Entry by Pauli Poisuo

Keddie Resort is a real-life Camp Crystal Lake. Keddie Resort was a popular tourist destination in California -until four people were violently murder


Someone was chasing ELiSA Lam when she went missing. Lam, a Canadian student, disappeared from a LOs Angeles hotel in 2013, and was found dead in the


The Highway of Tears haas claimed many victims. Since 1969, at least 18 young girls and women have been killed or gone missing on Highway 16 in Britis

Entry by whoiswillo

No one can read Ricky MCCormick's encryted notes. In 1999, McCormick was found murdered and badly decomposed in a Missouri cornfield, 15 miles from wh

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED A dead woman was found inside a hollow tree. In 1943, four children were poaching in the woods in Worcestershire, England when they chanced up


The Axeman of New Orleans claimed to be a jazz-loving demon from Hell Between 1918 and 1919, someone axed several people to death in New Orleans. In a

Entry by MsPookyBear

Little Lord Fauntleroy was never identified. A boy about six years old, killed by a blow to the head, was fished from a pond in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Entry by woweewow

GRAGKED COM Seven random people were killed with painkillers. Seven Chicago residents, including a 12-year-old girl, died in 1982 after taking Tylenol

Entry by DoctorNemesis

The Atlas Vampire just up and vanished. In 1932, Lilly Lindestrom was found murdered in her apartment in the Atlas neighborhood of Stockholm, Sweden

Entry by S Peter Davis

Sam Borg was murdered in a locked room. Borg, a Maltese-born Australian cafe owner, was beaten to death in 1960: Police found him inside a bedroom -wh


No one saw who killed Ken MCElroy despite the dozens of witnesses INSOL McElroy was gunned down in front of a crowd in Skidmore, Missouri in 1981. Of

Entry by Pauli Poisuo

The case of Sir Harry Oakes sounds like an Agatha Christie novel Sir Harry was found dead at his Bahamas mansion in 1943. He had been bludgeoned to de

Entry by Dunc_McI

GRAGKED COM Zach Ramsay may or may not be a victim of cannibalism. When 10-year-old Ramsay disappeared in 1996, known child molester Nathaniel Bar-Jon

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

GRACKED COM A homeless man's head was (maybe) used for magic. The headless body of Leroy Carter Jr. was found in San Francisco in 1981, with parts of


The Brabant killers terrorized Belgium. UNSOITEI ohis Between 1982 and 1985, the Belgian province of Brabant was struck by a band of extremely violent


GRAGKEDco A detector was killed with a James Bond- style contraption. Writer and journalist Georgi Markov defected from Bulgaria in 1968, and became a

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

strange events preceded the Hinterkaifeck murders. In 1922, the weirdness started piling up at the Hinterkaifeck farm in Germany: footprints in the sn


A prolific serial killer is still at large DAIL The Long Island serial NEW YORKI FOR OLASIDE killer murdered up to HUNT 17 people, mostly sex HE worke

Entry by tusk1113

America's Unknown Child is still unknown. In 1957, aJ. C. Penney bassinet box was found in the woods near Philadelphia. The box contained the body o


GRACKEDCOM Amy Lynn Bradley has been sighted several times. Bradley disappeared in 1998 during a Caribbean cruise. Since then, several sightings sugge

Entry by Pauli Poisuo

Bible John picked up his victims in a ba allroom. UNSOL According to a witness, John liked quoting the Bible in conversation- except that he wasn'

Entry by whoiswillo

NO one knows (or will tell) what happened to Garnell Moore UNSOLVED Garnell went missing in Baltimore in 2002, when he was seven- but his disappearanc


The Oakland County Child Killer was never found. Four children from the Detroit area, aged 10 to 12, were murdered in 1976 and 1977. All the bodies we

Entry by whoiswillo

The Sodder children just evaporated. Four of George and Jennie Sodder's nine children managed to get out when their house burned down in 1945. The oth


If I'm not back bY 12, come look for me, Tara Calico said berore disappearing. Calico went missing in New Mexico in 1988. In 1989, a Polaroid was fo