13 Celebs Who Got Played By Con Artists

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Famous people definitely aren't immune to getting scammed. In fact, if anything, they're more likely targets, because of that whole "sudden wad of disposable income" thing. So we asked our plasticians to look into it, and sure enough. Celebrities are being bilked just left and right.

With transparently sketchy deals like ...

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 1988, Leonard cohen hired trusted friend Kelley Lynch to help him manage personal affairs, and eventually made her his manager. While he stayed in


CRACKEDOON Jerry Seinfeld was hoodwinked by a shady accountant. Seinfeld gave him an envelope with thousands of dollars in it, the accountant spent it


UNION TIS 35926 Benjamin Ackerman scammed his way into a number of famous people's houses, including Usher and Adam Lambert, by pretending to be a rea

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 1898, Mark Twain went all-in on a sketchy protein powder called Plasmon. He bought lots of the manufacturer's stock and got a seat on the board of

Nicolas Cage spent $276K on a rare dinosaur skull. It turned out to be stolen. The gallery Nic bought it from had been scammed by a crooked paleontolo

Entry by Andrea Meno

In 2004, Larry King sold two life insurance policies for $1.4 million. He paid $15 million for them. Insurance brokerage The Meltzer Group advised him

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Jack Nicholson invested $610,00 in Tod Volpe to sell pieces of art. Although the actor was supposed to take 60% of the profits from sold artworks, Vol

Entry by Andrea Meno

Over 11 years, Conan the Barbarian director John Milius' accountant scammed him for $3 million. The accountant overcharged him and wrote lots of check

Entry by AmyanBridi

CRACKEDCO COM 9 E HUL EY John Malkovich and Larry King lost $1.7M and $700,000, respectively, to Bernie Madoff's investing scheme. King was fortunate

Entry by LAJL

CRACKED cO In 1998, NFL player Fred Taylor handed over his $3.6 million signing bonus to his agent William Tank Black. Black then invested the money

Entry by Megamind18

13 Celebs Who Got Played By Con Artists


Robert de Niro had loads of his late father's paintings stolen by a crooked art dealer. Lawrence Salander was in charge of managing and selling the ar

Entry by LAJL

In early 2019, Keegan-Michael Key and Sarah Hyland were duped into giving their tickets for an exclusive Golden Globes GRHUI party to a tall white ma

Entry by Maclise

CRACKEDGON Kiefer Sutherland lost $900,000 in a cattle deal gone wrong. 93 The scam was presented as a chance to resell cheap Mexican cattle in the St

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Liv Tyler got scammed out of $214,000 by a spa owner. The star's signature was copied by Beverly Hills spa owner Maria Gabriela Hashemipour and used f